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Did the O-line really do this?


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Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I was not able to watch the entire game on Sunday. On Monday I heard some disturbing news.

Did the O-line keep helping up Hasselbeck after he was getting hit when they were not doing it for Ramsey?

I had never really thought about it before, but I don't remember the O-line helping Ramsey off the turf. If there is something more to this, can somebody please expound.

I find it disturbing and maybe I am wrong but I have heard this on a couple of different radio shows. But I thought I would ask the "true experts."

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No, I think Samuels fixed Hasselbacks jersey and put it back over his shoulder pads.

At that point one of the FOX announcers made that comment, yet several times during the game, Redskin players checked on Ramsey and helped him up. Especially Jansen. It was just another gross over statement by the media.

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