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US Soccer thread.

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11 hours ago, FanboyOf91 said:



I have pretty close to the same tat.


That boy is something.

25 minutes ago, Long n Left said:

Still not through, if they lay a big egg at T&T.


Yes, that becomes the biggest game in a generation all of a sudden.


Can we give that effort two in a row on a quick week?  I think we can.

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11 hours ago, jschuck12001 said:

Pulisic might be a legit star at some point, his technical ability is off the charts.


Liverpool and Real have both offered Dortmund tons of money for him.


He also has Dortmund atop the Bundesdliga.


I'd say he's already a legit star.

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5 minutes ago, ixcuincle said:

While it wasn't a clincher it was as close as can be. 3 points REALLY helps. 

Oh, no doubt. They HAD to get 3 last night. While I don't see this team losing to T&T, I also can't give them the benefit of any doubt.


What's really nuts, at least to me, is that with qualification, the USA becomes one of three sides (Brazil, Germany) to qualify for every WC since 1990. Just shows how ****ty CONCACAF is.

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8 hours ago, Skin'emAlive said:

I stand by my statement. Leave Bradley to fight off some sand crabs in T&T. They could use someone with the aggression and pace of a beached globfish out there. 


Why do that hate him so....



5 hours ago, FanboyOf91 said:

Can Rafa train the rest of our backline?


Said it in the soccer thread, and it pained me, but he put Sadio in his pocket.  Was tremendous last night.

4 hours ago, MisterPinstripe said:

Gonzalez is trash, would MUCH rather have Miazga out there with Brooks not healthy.


Yeah... would've been nice to get Miazga some reps in a US shirt....


But you know...

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