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US Soccer thread.

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No intensity, no hustle, outside of Morris, Pulisic, and Acosta.


Cant link more than 3 passes together. Bradley is the guy who should be directing this to keep better possession, but he looks slow too.


When Pulisic makes run, he's lucky if there's two others with him.


This side needs a major transformation and infusion of youth who will lift the energy of this team. I'm not sure I'd want to see this old, slow side in the WC, it'd be an embarrassment.

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Somehow I thought the game was starting at 7 EST so imagine my surprise when I was checking twitter and someone said it was 1-0 Honduras at the half, around 6:40 PM. I was like what the **** man. 


Regardless Wood equalizes and saves the US. Loss would have been devastating but not impossible to overcome. I keep telling you people, CONCACAF and Hex qualifying is ridiculously easy and Mexico won two games 4 years ago and still qualified through the playoff. But I'd prefer the road to be as smooth as possible. The US didn't really make it easy on themselves, especially when they blew out this exact same club 6-0 earlier this year. But a draw is a draw. All they needed was points. They got em. 3rd or 4th place, it doesn't matter. Aren't the remaining Hex games at home? Against T&T and Panama? I'm not scared. Tear it up and let's go boys

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1 minute ago, Fergasun said:

Defense is a sieve....all the goals against were stupid defensive plays.


Omar is just awful. Wish he wasn't. Has all the physical skill but makes 3 complete boneheaded plays per match. 


A healthy Yedlin will make a huge difference.


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