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US Soccer thread.

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Wondo has already proven to be a complete waste of a roster spot.

It's not Wondo honestly.  It's our central midfielders.  Bradley and Beckerman have been abysmal.  We need to inject some youth and fresh legs.  I'd honestly bring on pulisic or nagbe BEFORE halftime.  At least give the youngsters some run time even if it gets worse you can evaluate.  

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Don't put in Pulisic into...this, getting ripped to shreds by Argentina will not develop him.


It's all experience.


Nothing to lose now.  No pressure situation.

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Yedlin... Bradley... Zusi... Beckerman...


None of them should be in this team.


I mean, sure you put Yedlin in there cause he's still young but **** me running this is ridiculous

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The US team is so terrible that they can't even touch the ball. Just pathetic. The difference between the two teams is huge.

On the world stage, USA is a tier 3 team. Argentina is tier 1 powerhouse with a legit GOAT candidate?

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