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Haszard County: The official '15 OTA's/Camp Twitter thread, Duke & the Schreff, Boss Hog!


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Washington Redskins @Redskins 22m22 minutes ago

#ICYMI: Joe Barry is using competition to fuel motivation with #Redskins defense. MORE | http://redsk.in/1cblbsG 


NFL Philosophy @NFLosophy 4m4 minutes ago

I have no idea what Chip Kelly is doing but damn if it isn't going to be fun to watch.

@NFLosophy Especially if your a Redskins Giants or Eagles fan.

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Why don't they just do the stupid show and get it over with? I'm willing to bet if they do it this year instead of fighting it then they probably won't have to do it again...


Does the NFL force teams to do the show? I think it's a mistake to do it...

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NFL Philosophy @NFLosophy 23s23 seconds ago

It's optimism season for NFL fans. "We added pieces in the draft and free agency and got better so we'll win more games." It's cute.



"We fixed this problem and got that guy. Our roster is better so few have to be better." Sorry but that's not how it works.


NFL Philosophy @NFLosophy 42s42 seconds ago

31 other teams got better, too. They had free agency and a draft, too.


NFL Philosophy @NFLosophy 2m2 minutes ago

Every year we discuss how FAs don't often pan out and how few rookies make an impact, yet every offseason that's how we gauge improvement.


NFL Philosophy @NFLosophy 1m1 minute ago

You can measure all you want but if you're not measuring the right elements then you're wasting your time.

Washington Redskins @Redskins 7m7 minutes ago

"I’m really happy with the group of guys we came in with.” @reiterdie78 on #Redskins rookies: http://redsk.in/1FKvYb3 


Kirk Cousins @KirkCousins8 2m2 minutes ago

Register for the 3rd Annual "Kirk Cousins Football Camp" at http://kirkcousins.org/camps  Takes place at Hope College in Holland, MI July 10-11

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John Keim @john_keim 20m20 minutes ago

Redskins mailbag, Part 1: Could RG III's daughter help his focus? http://espn.go.com/blog/washington-redskins/post/_/id/17591 

Martin Collinson @redskinsfanuk 19m19 minutes ago

@john_keim Only if he checks into a hotel for about the first 6 months :-) (and once she reaches about 13).


Matt Flynn is exactly why I preach coaching is more important than talent. He looks like a stud in GB and a dud anywhere else.


sounds like a topic we already covered

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Congratulations to SWFL for making John Keim's mailbag, you can read the article in BRBN

@john_keim #jkmailbag We keep hearing about the atmosphere being more upbeat with new players/coaches etc, is it palatable from your perspt

Keim: I wrote last year about the atmosphere being different, fresh and upbeat. Then we saw what happened. There was an improved atmosphere when Mike Shanahan arrived, too. Any time there's change, especially after losing seasons, the atmosphere always feels better. I do like the potential energy of the new coaches and players and with Scot McCloughan as the general manager, there's a strong sense of confidence. But let's see an improved product on the field. Do that and the atmosphere remains a good one.
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HumbleSkins retweeted John Keim

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, I especially like Coach Barrys energy and Callahans presence.

#JKMailbag GM keeps front office after draft. Is it a sign that he's not fully in charge? Is it same old dysfunction masked by one new face?


Keim: I didn't take it that way at all. I haven't explored the reasons in-depth as to why there were no changes and probably will at some point. But it could be as simple as others he wanted were not available. He also seemed to have a good rhythm with those who were left behind. I'm a little surprised no changes were made, but I do not view it as those above Scot McCloughan saying he couldn't make changes. They made a big change bringing him in; why on earth would they then protect some scouts?

Look who's here! @RedskinsSalute is ready to greet the kids of @TAPS4America! #PlayfieldInThePark


#RedskinsSalute on site here at #PlayfieldInThePark supporting @YellowRibbonsUN and @Teams4Taps. #ActiveAppreciation

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Washington Redskins retweeted TAPS

Lookin' fast! #HTTR

Washington Redskins added,


TAPS @TAPS4America Yeah buddy! Sign him up! @nflplay60 @RedskinsSalute @yellowribbonsun #tapsfam #PlayfieldInThePark #MemorialDay

Rich Tandler @Rich_TandlerCSN 9m9 minutes ago

PM RT—Need to Know: #Redskins' 5 biggest one-year improvements http://wp.me/pAil9-3Ny  #RedskinsTalk

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