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Forget Swamp things in the NFL


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It was never so hard in Gainsville or Knoxville or Starksville or any of those Ville's along the way.

But this is Badville on the road to Worseville for Steve Spurrier.

Steve Spurrier has lost his bounce, if not entirely his sense of direction. His swagger has been replaced by the dazed look of a man who just tumbled down a fight of stairs.

Repeat after me "We are who were are" the coach replied:laugh:.

This is a team full of questions and a boss with no solutions and Spurrier of course, scratching at the rigidity and overcomplication of what he likes to think of as still a kid's game. Where he can draw up play's in the dirt.

While other coaches focus on detail, Spurrier barely concerns himself with the basics of the game. When asked to evaluate the first performance by our DT Darrell Russell, who was playing his first game inj over 1 half years,Spurrier replies I didn't watch the D-line much. Well! what the heck are you watching Spurrier? Ramsey taking a licking and keep on ticking. Where does it end may I ask you?

While other coaches are constantly ranting at their players and riding them for mistakes, Spurrier's standing on the sideline with his hands in his pockets, shrugging and saying, "We have to get better:stupid: .

Look! the Cowboys gave away two interceptions and a fumble and had a 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown wiped out by penalties in the first 5 half minutes. The offense turned all of that Dallas benevolence into only six points "6". Then, spent the rest of the day covering their heads as Cowboys blitzers washed over us like a freaking Tidal wave or something "Pitiful".

Poor Patrick Ramsey keep getting his bell rung more than a one-room school house, MAN! c'mon Spurrier..:wtf: .

Even Troy Aikman and Cris Collinsworth called it everything but criminal. This is by far a crying shame:cry:

You can see the way some other Coaches construct his offense to function around the skills of the QB and most of them do have their fair share of detractors. But just as plainly, Steve Spurrier can't figure out a way to keep Patrick Ramsey from getting beaten, bruised and squashed. But all we keep hearing is "We just have to keep throwin' the ball.

Well news flash Mr. Spurrier. That worked at Florida in the Swamps and it worked at Duke and maybe when this little experiment comes to a end, it will still work in the College ranks.

But remeber, there are such coaches like Lou Holtz who jumped from North Carolina state to the new York Jets and flamed out like a candle hit with a bucket of water. But since returning back to the College ranks, he's succeeded at Arkansas, Minnesota, Notre Dame and South Carolina. But we'll keep trying to figure it out, Spurrier keeps replying:doh:

People, sometimes a man just has to know his limitations and we've been beating this drum like the little drummer BOY!.

Spurrier either needs to quit and go back to the College ranks, or continue to put these players in positions to lose and get our future young QB head knocked off and limit his skills for the rest of his carreer.

Which one do you won't may I ask you?

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