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i wrote this on OCT 13th

Over payed underachievers are a cancer on this team. I have been a die hard redskins fan from birth. But lets lay it out honest, this organization is known as a country club atmosphere through out the NFL, a very rich one also. If your a big prospect, you want to come to DC to be wined and dined by Snyder. Look at Samuels/Jansen they have regressed! Why? hunger they and most others have none zip nota! LaVar has it, Ramsey has it, Cole's has it. But i think overall this club suffers from lack of heart syndrome and even worse, Don't really care after a loss. This has been the problem in DC for a long time. No fire in the belly. Lavar said the best thing he has said yet (that i have read) "we have to learn to finish" If you blow your load in the first half and have no mental strength left for the second, you are not begin coached properly period! i would also guess your not practicing right also. I see a huge mental let down in this team after the 1st half.... maybe they are planning the night out after the game....

I will always be a skins fan, and i understand the QB is young, But the lack of try is 7+ seasons and running. So i ask what should the coaches do to get that fire to last a whole game? SAD to say this but........

Want to see a team that try's? Has fire, look down south into the Texas area....

3-3 and there's next week he he ill be screaming again..(but not sure I'm betting them again this season here in Vegas......

The next week i was going to but did NOT post this, i will now,

TRADE champ, get rid of the older vets, build a d-line in the draft, KEEP Russel, all the LB, the QBS, And extend YES! Extend old ball coach!

People need to get off his ass, the guy has Bum's for players (75%) at least..... This coach is a pure winner and will win, But a message has to go out very soon! get with the program or get out! And danny extending him will send that message very clear!

No coaches did very well in the first 3 years. The players are to blame here IMHO, i say purge emm all except a few and lets build it right!

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