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Skins D makes 43% more than O this year


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Using the salary tables on this site as a source, the Skins D players (not including Noble since he is out for the year) are being paid 43% MORE (roughly 17M to 12M) in salary than their teammates on the offense. This does not include the kickers salaries. Although neither side of the ball has the right to brag on performance, the O generally leads the D statistically this year.

Also, in 2004, Big Daddy brings home nearly $4M from the Skins without playing a down.

The highest paid (salary) player, only including offensive skill players and the kicker, who has played over the last two games is John Hall, the kicker.

I know I am disregarding Coles' massive signing bonus, but these numbers are very telling about our front office and in some ways talent at the skills positions on offense.


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this is a byproduct of the 2002 offseason when Spurrier indicated he could make do with the cheap Gators on offense and the Redskins used all their free agent dollars on Trotter, Wynn and a host of other players on the defensive side of the ball :)

also, you have the draft class of 2002 headed by Ramsey, Betts and Cartwright making contributions as regulars and they are working on rookie deals.

meanwhile the Skins haven't invested much in the defense in the April draft since 2001 when Smoot was taken #2.

In fact the Skins used 8 of 10 picks in 2002 on offense and ALL three in 2003.

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Bottom line is the front office has greatly hindered this team's future performance at the skill positions on offense by wasting a lot of money on the defense. Coles is our only big bucks skill player on offense and he had only 2 productive years before coming here. With the losses of Watson and Davis, we haven't had much of an upgrade at the skills positions over last year. We need a real GM.

I do think Taylor Jacobs will be a good one if healthy this year. The Skins need to use him more on reverses, passes etc.

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