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The Non-Winter Weather Thread

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Anybody in GA/SC/NC/TN that can take in one handsome adult, and a cute chocolate lab!?!? lol


Unforunately I have extreme back and hip pain and I won't be able to make the drive all the way to Nashville, TN where my wife and daughter are. I just know I need to get the hell out of here!!!


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Poor St. Maarten.  My grandparents (RIP) had a timeshare on the island for a couple years in the 80s.  Hugo passed over in 89 and knocked it back to the Stone Age and they never went back again.  As recently as 2005, the derelict condos were still there...all blown to pieces and slowly being absorbed by the vegetation.  

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We're sold out of water, batteries, and gasoline.  in Gainesville.  A week before foretasted arrival.  


(Although I think I'm in a pretty safe place.  About the only thing I'm worried about is a tree falling on the house.  It occasionally happens around here, but it's very rare.  Most likely effect, if it comes straight through here, is that we lose power for a while.)  


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The orbiting Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, a joint project between NASA and the European Space Agency, is currently out of contact with Earth because of its location, so observers will not be able to see any coronal mass ejections caused by this morning's flares until 10:30 p.m. EDT (1830 GMT), Battams wrote on Twitter.

If aimed toward Earth, such an ejection could lead to even more spectacular auroras, but could also damage satellites, communications and power systems. That cloud of charged plasma would arrive within 1 to 3 or 4 days, Steenburgh said, although CMEs triggered by energetic flares generally come quickly.




Heads up to all Floridians.

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i don't really have a problem with people with warrants being picked up when they go to a shelter.


you don't have the right to avoid a warrant because a hurricane is coming.


maybe you should reconsider your decision making process if you're having to deal with maybe being arrested for having a warrant out when you go to a shelter.


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18 minutes ago, skinsfan_1215 said:

Thinking Irma might deserve its own thread. Miami is in the crosshairs right now. 


I have two friends that live in that area, one said she's going to stay and the other is preparing to leave. I'm going to bombard the hard headed one with messages telling her to get out.

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19 minutes ago, TryTheBeal! said:


Love that town...Savannah, too.  And both of em are gonna get absolutely thumped.


Beautiful city and almost moved there a few times. Lots of friends there. I can't imagine a major hurricane heading there. It's New Orleans on a smaller scale. No protection and in a harbor setting.  I texted my girlfriend who hasn't been there (We had to keep canceling the trips) but it's been her #1 place to see and she was just like oh my god it might not be there. OBX would get wrecked if it went more north.  Richmond isn't a good place if it kept its power. We flood out hard. When They said it could come here originally as a 4 or 5 we were ready to book it to the west coast if that happened.

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