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The Non-Winter Weather Thread


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I can see the sky above Northeast DC on the horizon from where I am. They're getting lightning every second. A lot of cloud to cloud, some of it is reaching over where I am. Thought I was watching a funnel cloud develop, headed right for me...but it kind of dissipated. Heart was pounding a little, not gonna lie.

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Get ready for an awesome stretch of weather.


Highs in the 80s starting Sunday, and continuing in to at least the middle of the week. Tuesday will flirt with 90.

Tomorrow looks beautiful too, high of 75.

Same here...I'm uber happy!
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Been baking in the sun. My body is approaching medium rare. I can feel the stress of winter evaporating off of me. Going to mow the lawn when I regain all my conciousness, Sun has me feeling semi numb.

I actually got a little "color" on my face on my break at work yesterday, LOL

It's a great feeling, isn't it?

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