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The Non-Winter Weather Thread


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You received approximately 3/4ths of a chuckle for that one mcsluggo

Hope everyone gets out and enjoys tomorrow's record or near record warmth. While no cold air invasions for the near term, this weekend will be only a notch or two above 'cold' in the 'chilly' realm. We moderate a bit next week but by this time next week we may be experiencing our last 60 degree day, at least for a while. GFS has also been very consistent with a mid month storm/cold front after which reaching 50 will be a struggle, even a no go at times. We'll see.

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this is the first year that i'm trying to keep on biking during November....  so far so good


there was frost this morning, and an awesome looking fog over the potomac and C&O this morning as the sun crept up over the horizon and backlit the fog streaming through the river-front sycamores  .... it was gorgeous!! 

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Such a high risk of damaging storms in Oklahoma today that some schools are letting kids out early. Looks like we're in for some tornados.


good luck over there, Long-Stroke.  We got rocked by severe thunderstorms and hail last night and this morning....  looks like it's headed your way.

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