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Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

Dan T.

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More than half of police killings in the US are unreported in government data, study finds


More than half of police killings in the U.S. are not reported in official government data, and Black Americans are most likely to experience fatal police violence, according to a new study released Thursday.


An estimated 55% of deaths from police violence from 1980 to 2018 were misclassified or unreported in official vital statistics reports, according to the peer-reviewed study by a group of more than 90 collaborators in The Lancet, one of the world's oldest and most renowned medical journals.


Previous studies have found similar rates of underreporting, but the new paper is one of the longest study periods to date.


Researchers compared data from the U.S. National Vital Statistics System, an inter-governmental system that collates all death certificates, to three open-source databases on fatal police violence: Fatal Encounters, Mapping Police Violence and The Counted. The databases collect information from news reports and public record requests.


Researchers estimated official government data did not report 17,100 deaths from police violence out of 30,800 total deaths during the nearly 40-year period, speculating the gap is a result of a mixture of clerical errors and more insidious motivations.


During that period, non-Hispanic Black Americans were estimated to be 3.5 times more likely to die from police violence than non-Hispanic white Americans, with nearly 60% of these deaths misclassified – meaning they are not attributed to police violence – in official government data, researchers found.


Vital statistics reports are often used to inform health policy, and inaccurate data minimizes the problem of police violence and limits the reach of justice and accountability, Fablina Sharara, one of the lead authors and a researcher at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine, told USA TODAY.


"Recent high-profile police killings of Black people have drawn worldwide attention to this urgent public health crisis, but the magnitude of this problem can’t be fully understood without reliable data," Sharara said in a press release. "Inaccurately reporting or misclassifying these deaths further obscures the larger issue of systemic racism that is embedded in many U.S. institutions, including law enforcement."


Click on the link for the full article

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FBI Searches NYPD Sergeants Union HQ, Union President's Home in Criminal Probe


The FBI raided the Manhattan headquarters of the NYC Sergeants Benevolent Association and the Long Island home of its controversial president on Tuesday, in connection with a criminal probe being overseen by federal prosecutors in Manhattan.


The FBI confirmed the bureau executed the search warrant at the police union's offices, as well as a home in Port Washington. A source familiar with the investigation said it was the home of longtime union boss Ed Mullins.


Sources say the warrants were tied to a criminal investigation being overseen by prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. It was not immediately clear, however, who or what they were investigating.


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An L.A. County Sheriff's deputy allegedly had sex on the Universal Studios lot, and the guy had his mic open for all to hear ... and the recording is now the talk of the department.


Apparently one of the participants was a movie buff, because the encounter went down right by the Bates Motel on the lot.


You hear a woman moaning as a dispatcher from the Sheriff's station repeatedly tries to get her deputy's attention, telling him he had an open mic.


Click on the link for the audio






The cop who allegedly had too good of a time at Universal Studios Hollywood is now looking for work -- turns out, being accused of banging while on the clock will do that for ya.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the deputy who got caught on a hot mic apparently doing the dirty late last year -- near the Bates Motel, no less -- has been given his walking papers. After the brass at L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. looked into the incident, we're told they found he'd violated policy.


Click on the link for the full story

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Former NM deputy asks for early release from probation


A former New Mexico lawman convicted of roughing up a suspect avoided jail time. Now, he’s trying to get another break by asking a judge to let him off probation a year early.


Now-former Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Sgt. David Priemazon got a break in court after kicking suspected car thief Christopher Lucero in the face during a 2018 traffic stop. Priemazon was convicted of aggravated battery and prosecutors requested he serves three years in prison.


However, Judge Daniel Gallegos granted a deferred sentence of three years of probation, including 100 hours of community service a year.


“I believe the defendant would be better able to provide for his family and to be an asset to the community by remaining out of custody,” Judge Gallegos stated in 2019.


As KRQE News 13 has reported, Priemazon’s deferred sentence means his record will be cleared if he completes his community service and other probationary requirements.


Last month, Priemazon filed this motion to fast-track that process, asking to get released from probation, which is set to run until December 2022. He’s citing his “perfect performance” on probation, including maintaining employment and supporting his family.


However, the district attorney is urging the court to deny the request, noting that Priemazon already got a lenient sentence and that Judge Gallegos specifically said that the probation would not be converted to unsupervised probation.


In a formal response filed by the state, the district attorney stated that if Priemazon wants to receive good time, he could earn it from behind bars.


“Even with good time on a serious violent offense, [Priemazon] would have to serve over 30 months of imprisonment followed by a two-year term of parole,” the state’s motion explains.

Priemazon resigned from the sheriff’s department in December 2018 before he was fired.



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I'm actually going to view that video as good news. (At least in some ways). 

I think it says the officer has been fired. And is being prosecuted on felony charges. 

5 years ago, there would have been no body cams. The cops would be covering things up and losing evidence. And the media narrative would have consisted of police leaks about what a Bad Person the victim was. 

I see progress, here. It's not a good story. But it's a move in the right direction. 

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Black state trooper in Louisiana faces termination after accusing colleagues of murder


A Louisiana state trooper who accused colleagues involved in the death of Ronald Greene of murder and an alleged internal coverup says he was notified he will be fired.


Carl Cavalier gave an interview in June to CNN affiliate WBRZ-TV in Baton Rouge. During this interview, he describes what he believes was an internal coverup to protect the troopers involved in Greene's death.


On May 10, 2019, Greene died in the wake of a police chase with Louisiana State Police (LSP) near Monroe, Louisiana. Greene's family said they were told by LSP that Greene died in a car crash, but body camera and dash camera video released to the public two years later tell a different story of what happened.

The videos show Greene was tased, kicked and punched by LSP officers before he died in their custody.

Two troopers involved in the incident were reprimanded for their actions that night, including for not following procedures for body-worn cameras. A third was to be terminated for violations regarding body-worn camera and car camera systems, use of force, performance, lawful orders and for conduct unbecoming an officer. That trooper died in a car crash before he could be fired, according to LSP Superintendent Col. Lamar Davis.


Shortly after the release of the video, Cavalier spoke with WBRZ, saying he believes there needs to be arrests, including of the former agency head. Cavalier said the individuals went "unpunished" and are "still patrolling the streets."

"We still have murderers, in my eyes, on the job," he said.

Since then, Cavalier has made several media appearances in which he criticized the department's handling of the case. CNN has reached out to Louisiana State Police for comment.

"Trooper Cavalier received the decision of the appointing authority to move forward with termination based on an administrative investigation which revealed he violated several departmental policies," Louisiana State Police spokeswoman Melissa Matey said Thursday in an emailed statement to the Washington Post. "It should be noted that our disciplinary administrative process is not finalized and Cavalier remains an employee at this time."


Click on the link for the full article

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