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Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

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1 hour ago, Renegade7 said:




The rhetoric here for years has been a no-vote might as well be a vote for Trump.  I never liked it, but I still don't have a good counter argument for it with Hillary losing.


A protest vote this November won't get what you want, you know that.


I'm going to give Biden a chance to say what he plans to do to address what lead to this, and yeah, I'll be just as pissed as you if it sounds like more lip service.


But we already know what Trump wants to do and what he'll do if he wins.  A Biden win buys us time until someone actually grows the ball's to do what you know needs to be done.  Trump win ends this conversation for our lifetime.


I think of it this way: 


Trump simply doesn't deserve to be re-elected. Ignore Biden. Trump can't be allowed to disgrace his title any further. The things he has said, the beliefs he has acted upon, they are so vile and un-American that it would be unconscionable to allow him to continue. He doesn't represent the majority of this nation and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 


Sometimes doing the right thing means doing a flawed thing, a less than perfect thing. Making a difficult choice that compromises you in some way. It's what adults do. 


I hope that everyone protesting this weekend shows up in November to make the difficult but right choice. Be angry, show the world why your position matters. But be unified and consistent. That means working from today until November and beyond. 

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I love Trevor Noah anyway, but this makes so much sense. 

His autobiography - "Born a Crime" is a brilliant read by the way - appropriate in the context of the protests to recommend it. It documents his childhood, growing up in poverty in South Africa whilst segregation was in full force, and the apartheid laws made sexual relations between blacks and whites illegal, literally making his birth a criminal offence.



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If there isn’t something done about police in response to a lot of what we saw yesterday, these protests will be going on for a while.  Louisville, NY, Minnesota have been especially bad, and so far officials’ response has been worse than useless. If we see a lot of the same or it gets worse over the next few days....

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I'm praying for everyone. 

(That's the nice version of EVERYONE CHECK IN ON THE REGULAR,...PLEASE.)


 We all love & remember rp, and how quickly things can go wrong...Let's make sure we keep up with each other. (And I very humbly apologize for such a solemn reference, but everything sucks right now, let's keep it from sucking worse. )

Hail, y'all. 

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The president said he's “designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.”


But 1) he lacks the legal authority to do that and 2) it's not clear the loosely defined group is an organization at all.



But he has the authority to call them names on Twitter.  


(And possibly have it labeled as untrue, or inciting violence.)  

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9 minutes ago, dfitzo53 said:

Literally doesn't matter. His base loves to hear it.


Literally everything that orange imbecile says is nothing but a dog whistle that only other, equally imbecilic, people can hear. Doesn't matter how stupid, illegal, or inaccurate the message is.


Large swathes of this country are beyond redemption, and it's both sad and scary.

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