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Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

Dan T.

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2 hours ago, Barry.Randolphe said:

Why has Anonymous sat on their ass for the last 4 years?

They've had quiet periods on and off because a bunch of them get arrested periodically.  It's happened a few times, but they are a decentralized group so some new iteration eventually pops back up.  If they've suddenly gone quiet it could be because a few more have been rounded up.  Since no one really knows who they are unless they, or police, let it be known it's possible that arrests aren't public knowledge. 



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A lot of these videos seem to follow fall into the same category of "we were peaceful and then the cops did some awful thing.”  I wonder if all of these people realize that when the riot cops show up and order everyone to leave there is no such thing as "if we're peaceful they'll leave us alone."  Seriously that isn't a thing.  When they start advancing after giving the order, everyone that remains, wether they are throwing rocks or having a sing along, is going to be forcefully ejected.  Emphasis on forcefully.  They will use all their less lethal means, none of which feel nice. 


Don't mistake what I'm saying here as agreement or justification.  This isn't that.  I just think that people should actually know how things work so they can make informed decisions.  I hate to think that some of these kids ended up hurt because they assumed that the riot police would treat them gently if they made themselves appear as non-threatening as possible. 


This probably isn't the first time I've said this in this thread but there really needs to be a class on interacting with law enforcement for young people. 

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To me it is just both sides, the protestors and the police, acting out their id impulses of violence.  They all want to fight.  Very few people are attending these protests with the intention of having a nice quiet peaceful demonstration.  And the cops aren't going there with the intention of keeping everyone behind some imaginary line.  They are going there ready to battle.


Doesn't matter who "threw the first punch," neither side is going to admit to it.  I have seen many people claiming the protests were peaceful until the cops showed up and started firing rubber bullets.  Clearly there are many videos out there that prove that (such as the one above).  There is no doubt that police are brutalizing civilians for no apparent reason.  I'd love to know why.  Why do you all think cops do stuff like that? 


There were also instance of rioters setting fires to cop cars and building.  Neither side is exempt.  Part of me wishes people would just stay home.  I realize that won't change anything either, but all this violence makes me sad and gives me very little hope for humanity.  I didn't have much to begin with.

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24 minutes ago, spjunkies said:


I'm sure her intentions are good but what am I supposed to do with "speak gently to each other, speak with passion, inspiration, and impress the importance of this issue until the systems that keep us sick die, instead of people we love."  Anyone have a draft of the end "systems that keep us sick" legislation?  No? 


Right now the country is burning because of police violence inflicted on the black, mostly male, community.  No law can make racist cops not racist.  There is nothing we can do to change their hearts.  So what exactly do we need in order to change the system and decrease police violence?  What laws need to change, and how, so that bad police officers do not remain police, and for police to face greater scrutiny and accountability?  What needs to change so police officers are less quick to become violent?  


I'd like for America to come out of this week of horrors with something specific to rally behind.  Lives depend on things changing for the better, but someone smarter than me needs to draw that map to a better tomorrow.  Save the platitudes and the sentiment for the drum circles, we need specifics.  We need a plan.

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Meanwhile in Flint MI, there was no violence.... the cops joined the protest, led by the Sheriff. Moving to see the cops standing with protestors against the violence and brutality dished out by their own. Maybe if the police started doing this nationwide instead of the aggressive, confrontational response seen so far then real change could happen. There's got to be enough good cops willing to stand up and be counted though.


This is what should be happening. Police saying "you know what, we don't stand for that, and it won't be done in our name. We also stand against the violence and murders committed by the bad apples, and we will root them out of the police with the full force of the law, instead of being complicit in perpetuating the injustice".






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