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Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

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25 minutes ago, Mr. Sinister said:

Cases like this bring out the ugly truth out of everyone, for all to see. That's the only good thing to come of them.


Cop + white woman will be a solid character build going forward. Might try to mod it into Skyrim... Get Alduin to forgive me and burst into flames


wait til she gets out and gets the eventual book deal + TV circuit + redemption arc

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2 hours ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

Seems like the description of the car is vague.  I wonder if it said "police" on the side of it.

That wouldn't make sense as the witness testimony backed up the convicted officers account. I think it was some idiot Aryan nation type or redneck that did this. (The same type of guys that shoot Sikhs because they hate Muslims). 

2 hours ago, Mr. Sinister said:

Cases like this bring out the ugly truth out of everyone, for all to see. ...

Yep just look at several of the posters in this thread as McSluggo has pointed out.

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It's said he was shot in the back and thigh. He was likely running away from the killer(s) when this happened. I can see why this happened in multiple ways. 


- Police angry at Brown for testifying took him out. I kinda find it unlikely considering he basically confirmed her testimony. 


- Local residents pissed that Guyger only got ten years take it out on Brown. Maybe they felt if his testimony showed she meant to kill Jean before arriving at the apt she would've got more years. 


- Or maybe Brown being a major witness on a high profile case provided people who had unrelated beef with him to know exactly where he lived and were able to capitalize on that. 


Either way, I'm pretty safe in feeling like Guyger is directly responsible for one death, and indirectly responsible for another. 

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On 10/4/2019 at 3:20 PM, Destino said:

The sort of forgiveness that we're discussing here, specifically the Christian kind that took place between Brandt Jean and Amber Guyger, is individual.  As in the individuals that were wronged forgiving the person that wronged them.  The person that could have forgiven OJ was Fred Goldman, among others personally wronged by OJs crimes. 


What Brandt Jean did was personal.  His choosing to forgive does not mean that Americans, of any "certain hue", also forgive her.  Forgiveness of this sort is not a collective act....


...That's Pope John Paul II meeting with Mehmet Ali Ağca, the man who shot him, and personally forgiving him.  There are numerous other examples.


You agree that this concept comes from Christianity.  Are you saying Churches, including black churches, are pushing forgiveness on black victims because they want to assuage white guilt? 


As a Catholic that has heard all about the importance of forgiveness his whole life, and often in Spanish, that sounds insane to me.  Christianity is bigger than America, and it's teachings are not limited to American racial dynamics.  The specific teaching of forgiveness, of letting go of hatred so that healing can begin, is not a concept that was born in the US or created for Americans and their race relations.  

Yes, it’s an individual act, and yes Xtianity does teach forgiveness universally. What I’m saying is that just as with everything else having to do with the powerless vs. the powerful, only the powerless are really expected to adhere to this. Historically, for black people in this country, it was also a survival mechanism. That needs to end, now.


Secondly, Xtianity and any other religion can be twisted to suit whatever political/economic or other goals the powerful have. That’s why there were Xtians making their case on religious grounds for abolition, civil rights, etc. and slavery, segregation, etc. The Uncle Tom knee-jerk forgiveness routine is part of the historic legacy of the use of religion to justify racism in this country. To deny that and assume only good, pure faith-based motives that underlie this behavior is to be willfully ignorant to the factors that helped bring it about. Since we’re somewhat OT in this thread, I won’t reply unless you want to take it to a more fitting one.

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On 10/4/2019 at 4:17 PM, tshile said:

Are we really comparing OJ's situation to this?


The guy that went on TV and essentially made jokes about getting away with murdering those two people? The guy that was never actually held accountable for the murder?


There has to be a better comparison. One that actually applies.


not to mention that one was an accident (albeit one that requires justice), and one was premeditated murder.






Average sentence for murder is 12 years, of which about 6 years are actually served. She got 10 years with an opportunity to get out in 5... a little less than average, but I see this murder as less evil than killing someone while driving under the influence...

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Highly trained police officer kills woman in house he went to to find a woman. Surprise! 


Lets make excuses for this **** though and tell me how bad of a person I am for thinking it’s ****ed up they get away with it. 

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26 minutes ago, Llevron said:

Lets make excuses for this **** though and tell me how bad of a person I am for thinking it’s ****ed up they get away with it. 

I'm waiting to see what the unwavering pro-cop crowd will say about this one.   Tay Jefferson, 28-year old female.  Recent college graduate of Xavier and was pre-med.  She was playing video games in her own house, with her 8-year old nephew, when she was shot and killed through her bedroom window by police.

No decent human being would dare find any excuse to defend the police on this one.  


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And heeeeeere we go.  Doesn't gun ownership in Texas mean you're a patriot?


::edit:: apparently pictures taken by police of a gun she owned legally are being  circulated.  



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