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The Rock/Indie Music Recommendations Thread

Morrison J

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I've got some listening to do! Appreciate all the suggestions. 


And Bang I know you've nailed it already. Stone Roses are probably my 2nd favourite band only behind The Doors..


I was going to post some of the Manchester bands from the early 80's - was not sure how much of that stuff had made it out to the US. I was lucky to grow up close to Manchester in that era and went to the Hacienda (which was sort of like to the Manchester alternative scene what CBGBs was to the NY Punk scene) though sadly just after its real glory years.


Anyway of that era out of Manchester ...


How about some Smiths




Or some New Order



Who came from Joy Division


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Some more general stuff ...


The Breeders



The Pixies



My Chemical Romance



Or how about some TerrorVision?



Finally if want to talk Rock you HAVE to end with an AC/DC classic ...



That last song brings back happy memories of driving down I4 in an old Cadillac the size of small house, just outside Orlando after a night out, with a UCF Cheerleader next to me ....with this song blaring out of the radio. The line 'knocking me out with her Amercian thighs' has a real meaning  ;)

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Not sure how I forgot this ..Happy Mondays. Not really my thing but pretty much the zenith of the Manchester early 90's sound. "Your twisting my mellon man ..." This is were the Manchester alternative scene started to melt into the House dance scene and I checked out.


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Now some old school British rock greats ...

Led Zep


Pink Floyd - and this might be my favourite track ever, its in the top 5 for sure.


But they could do 'spacey' rock as well (make sure you have some time for this one)

And all time great Guitar solos ...


Early Bowie could rock ...

I will miss out the whole 70's metal scene - just was not into that but you have Deep Purple, Black Sabath, Iorn Maiden and many more. Lets finish though with some punk royalty ..

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Mammoth.  I've mentioned these guys before I think.  I can't really find anything out there on them outside of these few videos below.  They fall into the metal category but it's 'lighter' or 'softer'.  It really saddens me these guys never made it big because what I've heard I absolutely love.






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Lets go a bit .....deeper!

PIL (John Lydon after the Pistols)

I saw PIL live in the early 80's with an audience comprised of Punk survivors, Skinheads and arty student types (I SORT of fit into the last category at time - if you squnited). Some genius had booked as the backing band a reggae outfit called 'Black Britain'. They got through half of their first song before the Skinhead morons pelted them off stage with beer bottles ...


Sisters of Mercy

The Cure

The Cranberries

Back to Manchester. This is not actually music but it comes out of the punk era - Punk Poetry. John Cooper Clarke - hes still a Manchester institution (and probably lives in one!) Saw him live along with Nico of Velvet Underground fame (she was clearly off her head during that gig on something!)

First one for Sopranos fans ...(NSFW warning)

(back to the Music for bit recognize the beginning of this Joy Division number? The opening scene on this video by the way is the old Arndale Centre - which was open 24 hours and at the weekends was turned into the largest indoor open urinal in Europe. The IRA bombed it - on one died and we got a renovated City centre! The club the band are playing in during the video is the Hacienda, which has now been tunred into very over priced appartments)

Another JCC classic.

Then this which just about sums up Manchester in the 80's (well Salford anyway)

...and finally back to the music with one of the strangest things you will ever hear or see. But somehow its, well its not bad.


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