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The Rock/Indie Music Recommendations Thread

Morrison J

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Trying to get a feel for your era. How old are you

The era doesn't matter. I love bands from the 60's up to the modern day. In my 20's though! My favourite era's would prob be the late 60's/early 70's or the late 80's if thats any help.


Didn't realise there was such a lack of rock music fans on here..the ipod is just getting a bit stale these days

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It's like the Friday night thread with a rock slant on a snowy Monday that feels like Friday! Indie/Rock is such a broad term. Not sure if you want more rock-y rock, metal-y metal, or punk-y punk...


Can never go wrong with The Bad Brains


Bonus old DC punk rock


Good stuff zoony. 

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Then seriously, Echo and the Bunnymen are for you. Heavily influenced by the Doors.

If you're on Spotify, check out the Live from Royal Albert Hall album.

They are SO good live i prefer the live stuff to practically any of their studio versions.


This takes about a minute of crowd noise to get going..


From the same show

The guitar work in this one is just straight Robbie Krieger.. the whole tune is very Doors.




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Hearty endorsement of the Bunnymen recommendation. The first four albums are incredibly strong, and hold up really well.


Anyone else at the GW Lisner show back in the day, '85 or '86? McCulloch was so plastered he almost tipped into the front row a few times. Not Replacements schnockered but still pretty gone.

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Knowing that you are a Doors fan, I'm trying to come up with bands that someone with awful taste would like....and I'm struggling.


I kid. I kid.


Echo and the Bunneymen is a decent place to start. They are moody and atmospheric, but, like, good.


I've been on a huge Bowie kick for the last year or so. You can do worse than just burying yourself in his 70s work for a few years and emerging as a bisexual junkie.


I saw Gaslight Anthem and Against Me two months ago. I liked them.

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Love old Bowie and Gaslight Anthem is also really good.


I missed Echo and the Bunnymen because I was probably still listening to a lot of punk at the time they were popular. I'm going to have to backtrack and check out their work. I like what's been posted here.


Someone else you might like Morrison, and maybe others here, is Mark Lanegan. He always used to draw a lot of comparisons to Jim Morrison. He also has some Tom Waits-ish stuff. He was in one of my favorite overlooked Seattle bands, Screaming Trees. They got lumped in as a grunge band but they reminded me more mix of psychedelic, punk, a little Seattle sound, and just rock. Their stuff is worth checking out, but not for everyone, and I'm thinking you'd like Lanegan's later stuff. He also was in Queens of the Stone Age for a while and has many collaborations with many artists.


Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Lanegan



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I'm a bit of a Bowie obsessive. Station to Station being one of my all time favourite songs. Big fan of the Ziggy, Low, Hunky Dory and Diamond Dogs albums especially. His new one out the other year was great too. 


Gaslight Anthem sound pretty good. Will give them a proper listen. Thanks. 


SoulSkin, those Mark Lanegan songs are right up my street. Never heard him before. Excellent. Thanks!

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