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Star-Telegram: Pro Football Writers name Cowboys owner/gm Jerry Jones 2014 NFL Executive of the Year

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was named 2014 NFL Executive of the Year by the Pro Football Writers Association.


Jones was lauded for his work in the NFL Draft and the off-season in rebuilding the Cowboys roster, which resulted in a 12-4 record, NFC East title and the team’s first playoff win since 2009.


Nobody expected the Cowboys to surpass the 8-8 marks of the past three years because of a roster with little proven talent on the defensive side of the ball.


Jones and vice-president Stephen Jones made hard decisions in the off-season to get in line with the salary cap, releasing defensive end DeMarcus Ware, the all-time sack leader in club history, and letting Pro Bowl tackle Jason Hatcher walk in free agency.


The best move they made on the defensive line was the signing of defensive end Jeremy Mincey, who led the team with six sacks.





I was thinking "Damn...salt in the wound" at first...then I read this:



"Jones’ best work came in the 2014 NFL Draft when the Cowboys passed on Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel with the 16th overall pick and selected guard Zack Martin."



Yes. You read that right lol...


The NFL Executive Of The Year's best work was not drafting Johnny Manziel.


Here are the NFL Executive Of The Year's words on not drafting johnny Manziel:


Jerry Jones 'damn mad' about missing Johnny Manziel


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seemed at peace with his decision to pass on Johnny Manziel in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft when he acknowledged to NFL Media's Rich Eisen and Michael Irvin in July that he "took the right pick" in offensive lineman Zack Martin.


That couldn't be further from the truth.


During the draft, Jones argued with his son, executive vice president Stephen Jones, that Manziel would have guaranteed the Cowboys' relevance for the next decade.

"I'm still so damn mad at Stephen," Jones exclaimed. "... I get madder, every day, about missin' (Manziel)."


When the Cowboys were on the clock, Jones told his war room that drafting any player other than Manziel would have been a "ticket to parity, more 8-8 seasons."




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Meanwhile romoSUCKS is 35 with a bad back, Witten is 35, Dez is a free agent, Murray is a free agent, McClain is a free agent. 

Before next season Romo will indeed turn 35 but Witten will be just 33. Not sure how much slower Witten can get. He hasn't had any speed to speak of for awhile now.

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Let's be honest - after years of stupidity, the Cowgirls FO batted 1000 this year. Jones deserves credit for going OL, just as he deserves to be mocked for his earlier stupidity. The great news is that he's nearing if not entering latter day Al Davis territory, and his team will likely suck horribly within a couple of years.

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So putting their actual record compared to the projected record aside, what key moves did he make in the offseason and during the season that pushed the team to the next level?



Off the top of my head:


1.  Traded for Ro McClain, whom everyone thought was washed up, and got him for cheap.  He went on to be a leader on the defense and may be come back player of the year.


2.  Hired Linehan and put him in charge of the offense.  This was one of the biggest (maybe the single biggest) reason why the offense took off like it did.  Second highest scoring offense in the league.


3.  Promoted Marinelli to Defense Coordinator.  He did wonders.


4.  Signed Jeremy Mincey.  Another person most thought was washed up but he came to Dallas and played solidly.


5.  Passed on Manziel (whether he wanted to or not, he listened to someone else and passed.  That is something he might not have done in years past) and drafted what may be the very best player in the draft with Martin.


6.  Also drafted Hitchens, who has come in as a fourth round pick and played every linebacker spot and played very well in all three.


7. Also did some addition by subtraction by letting Hatcher and Ware go.  Both are great players but there is no denying the defense improved once they left for whatever reason.  Ware also looks to be about done after starting out great for the Broncos and then fading in the second half, despite having Von Miller eating up double teams.


Believe me, it is tough for me to give credit to Jerry and I am a Cowboys fan, but he did an excellent job last offseason.  Even things that I questioned him about (Jason Garrett) look to be something that are building and getting better.  For all his mishaps, he deserves some credit here.

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As someone who doesn't follow the Cowboys' every move, no, I'm not joking.

He won Exec of the year for finally stepping aside and letting other people make the decisions. That's what it takes it be the best...getting out of the way of the football people.

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He won Exec of the year for finally stepping aside and letting other people make the decisions. That's what it takes it be the best...getting out of the way of the football people.


Nailed it.


Garrett went to HC.

Linehan went to OC.

Marinelli went to DC.


Callahan and Kiffin were demoted. 


Jerry stepped back and let his coaches do their job.

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"Gloryhole Jones" ranks right up there with "Pizza Party Wade" lol...

I'm torn between wanting Jones to celebrate this recognition of his talent by renting the largest suite available at the bellagio and all the cell phone photos that follow and wanting him to stay home and go full Howard Hughes status locked in a room away from germs reading nothing but press clippings about how awesome he is.

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