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CSN - Report: Giants ask to interview Raheem Morris for DC


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Raheem Morris is not a popular choice among fans and some in the media to become the Redskins’ next defensive coordinator. But he is in demand in at least one place. According to a report the New York Giants have requested permission to interview Morris for their vacant defensive coordinator position.


New York fired Perry Fewell, who led their defense during their 2011 Super Bowl championship season, on Wednesday.


Several years ago Morris appeared to be a rising star in NFL coaching ranks. He was elevated from secondary coach to head coach of the Buccaneers in 2009 at the age of 33. He was fired after posting a 17-31 record in three seasons and joined the Redskins as their secondary coach in 2012. In his three seasons in Washington the Redskins have ranked 30th, 20th, and 24th in pass defense.


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Could be legit. Could be Rooney rule.


This would be a CLEAR violation of the spirit of the Rooney rule if that were the case.

The only legit thing I can think of is the Tampa 2 is becoming more en vogue again and he has experience with it.

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I'm going to go against the grain here... Raheem had a reputation as a good coach before coming here and has been endorsed with flying colors by other members of our staff, his former and current players, and respected vets like London Fletcher and Ryan Clark. 


Poor play in the secondary could be more a result of the lack of talent/depth we have, overall inadequacy by certain players (Amerson, Biggers specifically come to mind), and/or bad coverages called by Haslett. 


Keep in mind as well that Breeland played extremely well this year, way better than you would expect from a 4th round rookie. DHall had something of a career renaissance and blossomed into one of the top corners in the league two years ago under Raheem.


I certainly don't think that Raheem is a weak point on our coaching staff, and I'd go so far as to say that losing him would be bad for us.  

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Taking cynicism to the max, while it is quite possible they are truly interviewing this guy, I actually think they just have ulterior motives by doing it.  They get to talk to a guy from our organization, they get to make us think this guy is actually desirable despite the fact that the results on the team in his field of expertise has been lacking, and it will also cause him to possibly think he's closer than he really is to becoming a head coach again and could theoretically cause disruptions since our working environment is always petty and frivolous.


It's a no lose situation for the giants, and yet another reason why I hate their ownership more than the others in our division.  

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