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5 Takeaways: Dec. 28 Jay Gruden Presser

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We plan on taking this very seriously and taking a long time to do it,” he said. “Everybody, top to bottom, in this organization is going to get evaluated and it’s going to be a thorough evaluation.

“It’s our job here as coaches and my job as head football coach to do a better job of motivating not just players, but the staff – everybody -- to get the most of players and figure out ways to win games,” he said.

OK - Coachspeek for anyone can get terminated. Or just more sabre rattling. Now you are going to start evaluating? Ummm - should have been doing that for awhile. That's why some teams fired guys right after the season ended. They already did their homework and are ready to move on.

You don't need to have a replacement in hand because what you got ain't cutting it anyway. If you want to show a prospect that you are serious then have that opening available and very public.

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