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Is it possible to sell me on some type of "positive outlook" for the rest of the year


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-This team (alot of them) still has heart. The coaching may not be the best, the player's may not be executing to it's potential, but they played yesterday (despite being killed). Ramsey, Smoot, Champ...all obviously in pain, yet they kept on going.

-I quess Jacobs is no longer MIA

-We had no turnovers and caused 4 (a what if moment.......alot of people were predicting the cowboys to blow us out. Had we converted those TOs, it would have been a blowout.....for us)

-When was the last time we had 2 good safties?

-Coles is still a monster. On that screen pass he turned nothing into something. Get him the ball!!!! He should have at least 15 catches every game.

-Our running game came back. It just needs to be utilized.

-Carolina sucks, Seattle sucks, New Orleans sucks, Chicago sucks

-Our division sucks

-It started last week. Dallas is starting it's turn downward. (a what if moment........what if Dallas was actually good? There's no way the score would have been that close). Prediction: they won't make the playoffs.

-Ramsey is still the best QB in the NFC east.

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