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Spurrier's Fate?  

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  1. 1. Spurrier's Fate?

    • Spurrier resigns tonight.
    • Spurrier quits after the regular season.
    • Spurrier is fired by Snyder during the regular season.
    • Snyder fires Spurrier after the regular season.
    • Spurrier stays for a 3rd season and has a winning record
    • Spurrier stays for a 3rd season and has a losing record, AND THEN quits

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There are a few guys that I really feel bad for.

1. Ramsey - This kid has shown incredible toughness and character. He is now definitely my favorite nfl player and will be even if he leaves the Skins. Put him in a legit offense and give him some protection, and he'd be shredding the league right now. I know he looked bad most of the time today, but how can you blame him. He knows he's going to get hit on EVERY pass play.

2. Smoot - He's taken some heat at times, be he showed me something tonight. He played very hard through a painful injury. Noone can say that Smooty doesn't have heart.

3. Bruce - So close but so far away. Smith seems to almost get there on every play. The 2 sacks for the record seem a million miles away at this point. He'd already have the record if he had some help inside. Another guy who has taken a lot of heat , but is laying it all out there on the field.

4. Coles - Here's a guy that should be at the top of the league right now. He's also taking a beating thanks to Spurrier and all the quick slants and screens.

4. The whole back 7 on defense - if you focus on the lines you see that our dline is getting totally dominated on nearly every play. The back 7 has looked bad, but I still say that if we had some decent DT's we'd have one of the best defenses in the league. When the tackles get blown off the line on every play, there's not much the back seven can do, but try to create turnovers which often leads to giving up big plays.

A lot of fans have said that the Skins have no heart, but these players definitely do IMHO.

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I know these are very small positives considering how bad the team has become. I'm just saying I feel bad for some of the players who are playing their hearts out and getting embarrassed. It's got to be tough for them.

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Until we pick up the blitz we will never get any where.

At times the OL looks like they just don't give a crap. So does Rod Gardner. Jacobs made some nice catches, if Gardner disappears again next week, put in Jacobs along side Coles & McCants, Heck Johnson made some plays as well.

We have no heathy RBS, and Rock kept missing the saftey on blitzes. :doh:

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