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Your semi-official Redskins hot sports take thread


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Hello, dum dums.


The off-season is coming (thank you, Baby Jesus). And that means many things:


1. Watching other teams in the playoffs.

2. Preparing for the draft.

3. Forming incredibly strong, ill-informed opinions about the draft.

4. Preparing for free agency.

5. Forming incredily strong, ill-informed opinions about free agency.

6. Coming up with master plans to "fix" the franchise.

7. Suggesting who needs to be fired.

8. Assigning blame for the team's many many failings.

9. Someone finding a way to blame the fans for the team's many many failings.

10. Starting a brand new thread to express your brief - yet scorching hot - takes on all these subjects plus many others.


So, I think we need one thread to keep all the hot Redskins takes together.


I'll start.


The problem is Snyder, because he's just doesn't get it. Until Synder figures it out or sells the team, we ain't going anywhere.


I'd call that medium hot. You not want to overcook the thread right off the bat.

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Aha! Finally a thread where I can suggest we draft nothing but QBs in 2015. Is this the right place?


You know, speaking of, back in 2000 or 2001 when I didn't know dick about fantasy football, I thought this would be a smart move.  I still remember to this day, I had the #1 overall pick and probably took whatever RB was big at the time.  The draft snakes back to me for picks 20 and 21, and what did my brilliant mind decide to do?


Corner the market on QB's, that's what.  I took Daunte Culpepper and Peyton Manning with back to back picks, then started talking trade to anyone who wanted them, asking an exorbitant sum in return for either.  I figured people would come begging, but that was how old Forehead learned about positional scarcity.  Everyone else shrugged their shoulders, loaded up on the RB and WR position and settled for slightly lower tiered QB's.  I was relegated to scratching along with the Peerless Price's of the time.


Needless to say, I did not win that league.

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I once stole a cooling pie from a window ledge.


Hot Take!


How about: The Redskins should ensure that all coaching and front office staff have defined roles with specific narrow remits. These should all fit with the vision of what the team should be, which is what Bruce Allen envisioned when he selected Jay Gruden as head coach. No more spreading people too thinly because they have to wear too many hats.

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The problem is Haslett. He's got to go.

Hire a real GM.

Rebuild the Hogs. Draft O-line.

Also, Robert Griffin III.




That about cover it?



Lol I have this mental image of Dan reading these threads one day and seeing people say "Rebuild the Hogs" and having a "MOTHER OF GOD! THAT'S IT!!" epiphany.




...and then he goes out and tries to bring all the original Hogs out of retirement and sign them for one last hoorah. All the while saying, "THERE! I'VE DONE IT! THE FANS HAVE SPOKEN, AND I'VE FINALLY LISTENED!!"

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There is two part curse. The logo must change to potatoe and that takes care of one. HaHa. Redskins are Virginia's team now but move training camp away from racist Richmond only because only Northern Virginia is real Virginia, with the real good smart fans. It really should be its own state. I'm tired of paying taxes for stupid redneck other Virginia. We won't be great again until these two things happen because of are racist past (and presence) and bad carmax. Do it Dan!

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Cut off the south like we did with West Virginia?


Yes, off course you have to thinka bout that though because of the un-ten able situation. I dunno maybe levi a stupid tax only for all of them. You have to think about it Huh? Cuz it makes since. Or maybe a big tax hike on carp and budweiser, staple of the others diets. It makes you think though



Hmmm. I believe I misunderstood the kind of hot takes being sought. Apologies. Did not mean to derail. 

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So is this kind of a merge of the draft thread and FA thread? Here's my hot take ...


1. Front Office: Bring in a competent GM, keep Allen on board as President


2. Coaching: Jay gets to stay, but a big-name DC will be making his way in (Rex?)


3. Free Agency: Lot of money to spend ... and cutting Bowen, Chester will free up an additional $8-10 million. 

       a. Bring in a FS - a few young good FS available - WE. MUST. GET. ONE (Searcy, Gipson, McCourty)

       b. Bring in ONE interior OL. I'm thinking Clint Boling from Cincy or James Carpenter from Seattle. Hope for Long/Moses/Comton to emerge at RT and RG, as it takes 1-2 years to get adjusted for many OL, so we shouldn't give up on them developing.

       c. *Pieces - I want some solid, young contributors. Think Dallas 2014. Get a stud OL and a stud FS and then pretend we don't have any money left, and bring in hungry guys to fill in depth at LB and CB.


4. Unresolved: I think Robert finishes strong, shows enough to build toward next year. Open competition with McCoy/Cousins, but QB is put off until 2016 ... with hopes that we finally figure out the future in 2015. If no dice from the guys we got, 2016 draft a QB. But ...


5. DRAFT: First three picks need to be DL, OL, SS ... whether that's via trade-back for an extra 2nd or the 1st-2nd-3rd rounders. Right now I want Leonard Williams at #4 to play DE or trade back 5-0 spots for Danny Shelton or Eddie Goldman to play NT ... and either AJ Cann, Tre Jackson or Cam Erving to play Guard/Center in the 2nd followed by either Cody Prewitt or Anthony Harris at SS in the 3rd. 


This will change 4-5 times ... but the gist is  this ... fix the secondary (IE FS) in free agency ... also bring in one or two pieces along the OL and DL (young) ... and fill the rest with quality depth ... and use the draft to build the trenches!


Let new DC Rex Ryan wreak havoc with the new toys and hope Robert develops behind a bulked up OL. 

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I'd say that my "hot take" is pretty much inline with most here except that I would dump Allen and bring in an actual GM/Personell guy. Keeping him in any capacity could muddy the waters down the road if the GM needs to make coaching changes and I don't honestly see where Allen has done anything that productive here except for having a last name with some history and that isn't pronounced Cerrato. What would I know though, I'm from Redneck Va :)

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