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Skins vs Giants - the positives?

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So, despite another loss, there were some positives...


Colt McCoy moved the ball well on the opening drive, and I thought the play calling was good when he was in, some nice rollouts and some trickery that kept the defense guessing.

It's a shame he didn't get to play out the game as I'd have liked to have seen more of him to continue the "is he any good" discussion with some more information to make for an informed discussion.


When RG3 came in as the backup I thought "isn't it nice having a backup who is actually a threat, not just an immediate sign of the game being over".

That thought, for me, is one of the main reasons to keep RG3, whether he is our starter or not, he's a damned fine backup.


I thought he played pretty well on the whole. No interceptions, some good composure (especially early on), and as you would expect from RG3 some decent running. And for those who don't like McCoy's "weak arm", that's one thing you don't get with RG3. As always, he put some good speed on the ball.


On the whole, I thought both the Offense & Defense played well.

Clearly the offense had positives when the end result was 372 yards offense.

Likewise, the defense contained the Giants pretty well, making some good run stops, and mostly containing the Giant passing game, the Giants only really got going in the second half.


All of that was largely offset by dumb penalties. Not just "heat of the moment" ones, but pure dumb penalties. 12 men on field, hitting guys who are out of bounds, taunting, arguing with officials, etc.


What about the 2 minutes of madness?


Well, with hindsight RG3 should have thrown the ball away right? But, we all thought he'd scored, so at that point he was looking heroic. And arguably, his decision only cost us 3 points.


What hurt more was the resulting penalties, the ejection of Moss, and the resulting onside kick recovery leading to the FG (nice stop defense).


In the space of 2 plays we went from a probably 13-7 lead with the ball, to 10-7 with the Giants on our 25.


Was that all on RG3? I don't think so.


If everyone walks off the field instead of arguing with the referees, we come back for the second half leading (a rare thing?!).


And, you have to think the Giants planned their onside kick at half time. It was so predictable. Worst outcome they give us the ball on our 30, only losing 10 yards on a touchback. Best outcome...well they got that. So...we know what the Giants planned at half time...I wonder what our Skins planned?


Overall, some good defense (not looking at Breeland), some good offense, further proof that RG3 should be kept, and further proof for me that the troubles with the team don't lie with the QB's.


They either lie on the O-Line (who arguably played ok), or on the coaches - some discipline would be nice next week.


As one of the commentators said, with a 12th ranked offense and defense, the only other two teams with better were the superbowl contenders, the Seahawks & Broncos, and they are 11-3 & 10-4.


Go figure, the Skins are 3-11...


The best news might turn out to be another loss...a higher draft pick...and the hope that next year we have more in common with the Broncos & Seahawks when it comes to wins & losses...

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I would feel good about the possibility of a defensive turnaround next season. If you can generate a bit more rush through better scheme (something I think a coach like Rex Ryan could give you) and start cutting out the too frequent defensive mis-assignments (something any competent defensive coordinator can give you) - we won't be far away from a really good defense.


And by really good I mean Top10 across the board - not just in yards, which as Bunny Kelly points out is not a good measure.

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I think it re-emphasized the knowns.... We have no offensive line and a glass jaw.  We play well until hit and then the team folds. It could not recover from the ref screwing. Not just the TD reversal, but the multiple late hits allowed, bs PIs, etc.


On the positive side, we saw that Griffin still does have some escapability and is accurate.  He just needs to have at least a below average line.  BTW, what happened to Moses?  Why did we flip Compton and put Polumbus back in?

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Does anyone believe this is the 10th best D or 12th best offence? Just using yards is such a weak stat to judge everything


Agreed. The game of football is won by scoring points. We suck at stopping teams from scoring points and we suck at scoring points. That's the only thing that matters.

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I could see a vastly improved Defense next year with a new DC. May only be 1 or 2 players away (most likely a safety and DL), there is talent on The Defense, just need someone to use it properly. Offense is the same, honestly, it looks like we need 2 OL to be much improved. As for QB, well, that is a different story, RG3 is not the answer and probably needs to go unless he is ok being the backup so he can develop. No way they pick up 5th year option on him, if that's what he pushes for, then you let him go.

Yesterday didn't surprise me, they played well for little over 3 quarters then let game slip away, offense not good enough to score points and defense unable to carry offense and ends up breaking.

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I was there so didn't get to see everything as "big picture" as I'd like to.


That said, my impressions were that the D secondary is in need of coaching. They routinely blew assignments and had the kind of communication and mental breakdowns that come from poor coaching.


The OL is still pathetic especially in pass pro. With the exception of Trent the thing I noticed on most pass plays was how the linemen were often literally thrown backwards by the pass rushers. No surprise here.


RGIII left a lot of open receivers wondering why he didn't see them. That must be frustrating.


Special teams were pathetic IMHO. There doesn't seem to be good coaching with this unit either, especially on KR when you see guys all pursuing the ball instead of covering the territory they ought to be covering. That's how return teams open up holes. Ugh.

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QB play was good from both. Not great, but good. Good enough to not be the main issue. Defense had a great first half, but wilted in the 2nd. Not good, but still not bad enough to be the issue. Offensive line was atrocious throughout. 7 or so sacks, and a terrible rushing day. Puke

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I thought RGIII played pretty well.  I was extremely impressed with his decision making yesterday and his throws were accurate. He may have missed a few open WR's but I think that's something he can improve on if he works hard this off-season.  RGIII seems to be all about working on the physical attributes and that could be due to the injury.  Now that's he's injury free I hope he devotes time to the mental aspects and menchanics.  Also, he should flashes of 2012; being able to run and get out of bounds!  I'm all for keeping him.  I guess my dream scenario now would be firing Bruce Allen and hiring a truly capable GM.  Let the new GM decide on the coaching staff.

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 Griffin did look better, but geez the sacks killed any momentum the team got. Not all on Griffin, the line is pathetic, and needs serious rebuilding.


 I just wonder was this Griffin's 'audition game' for other teams, because I cannot be comfortable making any predictions on anyone in this organization.


 But, the good, I can only say was the game was 60 minutes. I still wish someone on the team would have trucked one of the refs by 'accident'. THAT would have made my day, but I knew it wouldn't happen, no one on the team knows how to hit.

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1)  Team was excited about RG3 leading the team to points.  It showed that he wasn't the most hated guy on the team; even McCoy seemed congratulatory.


2)  Players getting fired up about Bob not scoring.  Again showed that they care and they were emotionally engaged in the game.


3)  Breeland competed well and some of the penalties against him were very weak. I loved how he strutted after the refs made the call.  They weren't going to take his confidence.


4)  RG3 looks much better when he is allowed to move (roll-out, boot).  I think it allows him to get into the flow of the game.  Gruden or any RG3 coach in the future will have to capitalize on this.  RG3 generally seemed much better in the pocket following a "movement" play.


5)  It looks like Compton is decent backup ILB. 

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OP's view of the game is much different than mine.  Positives?  Hmmm,...not many,...if any.


Defense played the run well


Tress Way is a good punter


RG3 looked good at times


Players that I thought looked good -- Trent Murphy, Breeland (at times), Compton, Thompson


That's about it.  The offensive and defensive rankings are bs.  Who cares.  Skins are 3-11,......3 ****ing wins man.

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