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Anna K. eat your heart out


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but do I want to see the women who play pro football out of their uniforms with their helmets off, that's the real question here laugh.gif

I prefer ladies with teeth and less facial hair than I have evil.gif

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This is exactly what I am talking about in sports franchises eventually becoming successful. They've got characters, they love the game, don't give a hoot about multimedia exposure, and the pay.....well let's just say they love the game, first.

No huge contracts, tv deals, and probably not the greatest places to play, but as they continue, people will come and each group that retires, moves to the front office and league HQs'. They become the cornerstone of the league and it's growth, slow, but surely, while not losing any sleep about all the headaches of "over-investing" and huge bills.

MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL all started this way. With colorful names and just having a great time. When the players became more experienced and passed it on the college players, the resource pool began to produce followers in the fan base that urged for a more structured league and better accomodations and pay for the players. The pros actually started AFTER college players had dabbled in the sport for a few years.

These "sweet" looking gals smile.gif could tear your head off, but they also hold the key to the next generation's success for their sport. The fact that this league and maybe another one are still around, makes it that much more likely they will grow.

Maybe they won't go past 5,000 at best, in the stands, maybe they will. At least the continuance has set in and at least they have outlived the XFL as proof about reaching a common goal. FEMM Football NCAA style, not so far fetched anymore with the equipment, Meical knowledge and technology available now. Oh and accomodations.

[edited.gif by indyskinsfan on July 05, 2001.]

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the XFL was Vince MacMahon's wet dream that he somehow sold to other people with money and influence. Now they realize their mistakes.

The XFL was nothing short of a circus act without the nets and the bearded lady laugh.giflaugh.gif

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Woodpecker Cider NavyDave. What else?


<IMG SRC="http://www.joegibbsracing.com/joe_gibbs/joegibbs_images/driver_prof_joe.jpg" border=0><IMG SRC="http://www.joegibbsracing.com/current_season/jgr_wc_18/jgr_wc_18_images/car/bobby_car_race.gif" border=0><IMG SRC="http://www.joegibbsracing.com/current_season/jgr_wc_20/jgr_wc_20_images/car/drive_pontiac_tony.gif" border=0>

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