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Season Over!!!

Johnny Punani2

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Well, time to rack up another disaster of a season to Dan "The Douchebag" Snyder and his joke of an NFL organization. We look as bad as the Tampa Bay teams of the 70's. What a sick pathetic joke this team has become!!! Dan Snyder once again has destroyed this team with his meddling. I once held hope he would learn his lession but unfortunately he hasn't. I seriously don't think we will win another game this season. The team has collapsed in all areas of the game. Spurrier doesn't have a clue as to what is going on. Also, the players have no respect for their head coach. To top it all off, Snyder goes behind Spurrier's back and calls Jimmy Johnson to ask him how to fix the team. The Redskins are a bigger joke then Arizona now. Dan Snyder has ruined this team with his constant meddling and the only way this franchise will be sucsessful again is for Snyder to sell the team or hire a GM and put a clause in the contract giving total control to the GM.

Like I said before, we will see drastic changes again in the off season. Spurrier will quit or be fired, all new assistant coaches, Champ and Gardner will both be gone after this season. Massive roster turnaround. It's becoming suicidal to watch. Also, who is Snyder going to get to coach the team? You can forget about getting good coach to come here. I don't think anybody wants to touch this team with a 10 foot pole considering what is going on with Snyder. Snyder has F'ing destroyed this team!!

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