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What movie character best defines the Redskins right now?

Spaceman Spiff

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Talking with a buddy of mine today, his wife is a Steelers fan and he's the biggest Redskins fan I know.  He asked his wife what movie character she can think of that best represents the Steelers and she said the Anthony Hopkins character at the end of Legends of The Fall.  My buddy said the Redskins are the s*** pie from "The Help" which isn't really a movie character, but it's a good analogy, I think.


To me, the Redskins are the Wet Bandits from Home Alone, Harry and Marv.  Knocked off a few houses (beat the Jags real big early on) and started feeling pretty good about themselves.  And then, it's just a comedy of errors from there on out, stumbling and falling all over each other, completely inept.  And like Marv leaving the water on in each house, the Redskins definitely have a signature for their losses...pick one, horrible QB play, shoddy defense, bad special teams, etc.


What say you?

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Team character: Old Rocky Balboa, all busted up, dumb as a brick. treasuring memories from years gone by. Maybe we'll get one more shot though. 



As fans, we are all the guy in the background in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 



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