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4th and 12 with 7:40 left?


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:doh: :puke: Spurrier may be great at drawing up plays.... but its officiall he is not the quickest thinker ex: 4th quarter last two drives maybe Ill put J. Pat in shotgunn :doh: Ya think so steve?:doh: The NFL game is just to quick for him he does not think on his feet. I think that is the difference.

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Originally posted by DrunkenBoxer

Did you see our defense in the fourth quarter?

And, did you see how open coles was?

perfect call.

If you want to blame spurrier for geting us to fourth and 12, fine, but at that point, it was the call that gave us the best chance of winning.


:rotflmao: You must have missed the point I could care less what he ran, we were like 1/16 on third and long :doh: We should not have gone for it in the first play. His quick thinking :doh: also spent a time out on that play:doh:

This is the positive I am taking from the game It will be a hell of a lot easier for me to get some good seats next week.


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