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Who should be the GM and new head coach if we clean house?


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You bring in someone with a proven, winning record as a GM who knows football, who has absolutely ZERO allegiance to this organisation and those under its employ; give him FULL control over ALL things football; and let HIM pick the HC.


It's futile throwing names about based on who we'd like. I'd personally love Briles at any cost, both for the good of Robert and to get some God damn excitement back into Sundays; but to do that without the GM's choosing would be more of the same.


This thing needs COMPLETELY blowing up and starting afresh. We need to think of ourselves as a new start up franchise and set about putting in the structure right through the organisation that you need to be consistently successful.


If ALL coaches, FO staff and the VAST majority of players heads AREN'T on the block then we are doomed to the perpetual cycle of crap.


Give me a proven GM, hand him FULL football control, and we'll go from there.



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It won't matter as long as Snyder is still here.

I'm an optimist by nature, so while my brain says this, I'm still going to offer the possibility that you could get in a GM strong enough and with a strong enough contract that Snyder is in check and the GM could do their job.

Eric DaCosta

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Not a thorough enough question. Snyder's biggest fault is lost on most on this board. His biggest weakness is not being able to locate, inquire about, interview, hire and fire executives at numerous high priority positions.

Until this changes, it doesn't matter who you bring in.

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You all understand that the name Eric DeCosta is as cliche to ES as: "strawman," as: "paloffs is now," as: "vet min plus incentives," ... Right?


You all understand that by repeatedly writing his name in hundreds of threads since 2009 and every single year thereafter, up to today, is not going to magically make him appear ... Right?


You all understand that by constantly writing his name you are living in a fantasy universe filled with GHH unicorns ... Right?



Just so we're clear on that. 

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I don't know who are the best of the best as I don't really follow GM's myself, but I will say that's the only thing I could get behind at this point in my life as a Redskins fan. I remember what it was like under Jack Kent Cooke and Bobby Beathard knowing full well Beathard had everything under control. So yeah, I would love a proven GM to come in here and clean house and build us a winning organization again. I would even go as far as to say I would be ok with sucking for three or four more years until he got things in place the way he wanted so we could finally become a consistent winner. How great would it be to be relevant again? So please Dan if you truly were a lifelong Redskins fan find the best to run this operation and only be there to settle disputes and give the ok on what real football people want to do..  

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I heard on the radio, I forgot who suggested it but I really liked the idea of bringing in Bobby Beathard and Casserly as consultants to to lead the search for a GM.  Whoever they come up with gets FULL control and final say over coaching and roster.  Allen can keep his job working the numbers and setting up homecoming.


I'm not beholden to Beathard/Casserly, it can be Ron Wolf or anyone who has the credentials to make such a call, that's just what they suggested.  

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Whoever we have or will get HAS to be able to work together for the sake of the franchise...  Dan needs to look at the formula perennial winning organizations have and try to mimic them... he should have done this years ago..  with the current FO structure, this just isn't happening.. finger pointing, media leaks and the like is what this franchise is best at now...  personally, i'm not advocating a complete house cleaning since i think gruden is getting a bum deal all the way around - from fans to the FO - and with $20 million guaranteed to buy him out, i really don't think he's going anywhere..  get him a real GM that knows football that he can work with and if he still can't get us to be a consistent winner after a season or 2 more with the personnel the GM will get for him, then get rid of him and start over - but this has been our M.O. for decades it seems..  Next coach won't have the people he needs either... rinse, wash, repeat....  makes one ill...  

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Dru Grigson - Director College Scouting - Arizona Cardinals - (Age 36)



Scott Fitterer - Director of College Scouting - seattle seahawks - (Age 41)



Rick Reiprish - Director of College Scouting - New Orleans Saints - (Age 64/65)



T.J. McCreight - Director of College Scouting - Indianapolis Colts - (Age    ) 



Phil Kreidler - College Scouting Coordinator - Pittsburgh Steelers - (Age    )



More information available on each candidate as well as selection methodology. 

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Who, What, When, Where, WHY and How -- It's lesson number one of journalism.

Why is perhaps the key motivator of any effort, or undertaking, and perhaps is the most important of the "5 Ws." 



- Why have a list that only includes Directors of College Scouting?

- Why not include those directors of Pro Personnel or Pro Scouting?


Because this organization needs to draft, not fancy free agents.


Simply put, the Redskins need to lose more free agents than they bring in. We should be collecting compensatory picks year after year, until such time as we can build a base-level amount of talent through the draft. 


I'm not really interested in a GM candidate whose line of expertise lies with Pro Scouting evals. The average, run-of-the-mill free agent we bring in for "special teams," or "back-up Personal Punt Protector" needs to be someone we draft and/or bring in as an undrafted rookie free agent. 


If we have keepers, we keep our own. That should be free agency. Then, I personally don't mind getting a legit starter here or there via FA, once the base-level has been established. 


But more to the point, "My GM," needs to come from the breed of NFL front office types who are scouts at heart, who pound the bricks of the evaluation circles, and who rely heavily upon the draft above all else -- certainly well above free agency.


So, sorry to all of the qualified Pro Personnel and Pro Scouting directors ... not interested in knowing your opinion on why we should keep Brian Orakpo (or insert any NFL free agent). 


Certainly there are some candidates who have crossed over between college scouting and pro scouting. There certainly are qualified candidates who are Pro Personnel directors. I'm interested in candidates who have their finger on the pulse of the DRAFT.


That's who I believe are the successful GMs.  



That said.

Candidate #1: A brief biography.

Dru Grigson - Director College Scouting - Arizona Cardinals - (Age 36)


Who is Dru Grigson? 


Yes Grigson is the younger brother of Ryan Grigson, the current GM of the Colts since 2012. Dru is 6 years the younger of his brother Ryan. And he (Dru) certainly would be one of the youngest if not the youngest GMs in the league, if he was hired. 


Here's the link to his Cardinal Bio page: http://www.azcardinals.com/team/staff/dru-grigson/a2e1ea9b-87b5-4082-b39d-92fb96d363a4


What you need to know: 


1996 - Fork Union Military Academy 

'97-'98 - DE/LB - New Mexico State 

1999 - transfer - 

2000 - DE - Northern Iowa 

2002 - Graduated - Northern Iowa


2002 - DE - William Penn University 

2003 - undrafted rookie FA - Minnesota Vikings 

2004 - Ottawa Renegades 


2004 - Coach - Speed & Strength program - Northwestern University 

'05-'06 - Volunteer Scout - Philly Eagles 

2007 - Scout - Montreal Alouettes 

2008 - Scout - Arizona Cardinals 

2008 - Scout - Arizona Cardinals (central and southeast region)

2009 - Scout - Arizona Cardinals (midwest and eastern region) 

'10-'12 - Promoted to Regional Scout - Arizona Cardinals (eastern half of US)

2013 - Promoted to Director of College Scouting - Arizona Cardinals 



So, if you take one vignette as to why Grigson is on my radar, think of this:

Andre Roberts versus John Brown. 


You should know who each man is. Arizona allows Roberts to walk, we pay him in free agency, meanwhile Arizona drafts Roberts replacement in John Brown. Brown has exceeded expectation. He's exceeded Roberts' vacancy as well, IMO.


As to whether Grigson or the current GM of Arizona, Steve Keim, was the real visionary behind the selection of Brown, the selection nonetheless was an inspired one, a gutsy one. Very few, even those of us who knew about Brown's immense athletic ability, thought he would get selected in the 3rd round. Despite being very high on the kid, I wasn't expecting him to go in the 3rd. 


Anyway to summarize the vignette, basically, "if you can't beat 'em, hire 'em." Grigson, via Keim, made the better move. My thought process is to get the guys who saw the better personnel play and enacted upon it. 


It is interesting to note that in 2010, the year Grigson was promoted to Regional Scout for the Eastern US, The Cardinals drafted Andre Roberts from the Citadel, in South Carolina. Grigson had served as the southeast region scout in 2008 and eastern scout in 2009. Certainly his scouting of Roberts played a part in the selection.


To then see the proper personnel play was to draft a similar, cheaper and ultimately more athletic version, is but another sign of common sense and evaluation prowess.     


Why is age important to me? 


Because Grigson's employment trajectory, that's to say his promotion rate, mirrors that of current GM Steve Keim -- who became GM in 2013, as Grigson was promoted to Director of College scouting (2013), the same position Keim held from 2006 to 2008 with Arizona. 
Youth may be the quirk of genius that jump-starts this heap. 
This is methodology and candidate identification #1. 
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Darrel Bevel or Art Briles.. 


I've been saying it since last year! 



You need a guy who is an innovator on offense! Someone who knows the players coming out of college and is able to maximize each person's talent and ability.  Bruce Allen must go! 

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The timing is right to bring in a new G.M.. and start rebuilding again. The reason it would be a good time is because the slate has been wiped clean for the new G.M no Albert Haynesworth baggage and his monster contract that lead to the monster cap penalty. .The debt has been paid for the Rg3 trade and he would have 1st round draft picks. The salary cap as far as I know isnt in that bad of shape . Yes the roster is full of holes but a real G.M. could start fixing this and could have the franchise pointed in the right direction in about 2 years. The time is right to bring in a real G.M. ..please do this Dan! ! ..clean house and right the ship!!

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You guys are forgetting that former Chargers GM, AJ Smith, is already a consultant.

Snyder's stranglehold on this franchise starts and ends on his (in)ability to identify, interview, and make decisions on executive personnel.

agreed..Snyder has been awful at making the right in house promotions..seems like he always gives the best guys the boot..where they go on to have stellar careers elsewhere. .while the underperforming guys get to stay.
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                 I used to like to play this game but I have finally realized after going through this so many times that it doesn't matter. Whoever is hired will fail. I hate to be negative all the time but I am convinced that this is where players and coaches go to get a big payday and then fade away. I think even Bill Belichick and Tom Brady would have a hard time winning with the current ownership of this team. 

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