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NFL.com: Jeff Fisher Trolls Redskins During Coin Toss


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Lol. I have no problem with it.

Mike Shanahan and Fisher are friends, Jeff knows how awful this franchise is operated and how Snyder undermines his coaches.

Snyder is probably too dumb to realize this was a shot at him.

snyder probably didnt realize that those are the players that the rams took with the draft picks we gave them, because he is most likely paying more attention to the team that he is the owner of.

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It was funny. Very low bar he's set though. Yay, you beat the horribly run Redskins in a trade. Let me go play an autistic amputee in a game of 21

No winning season. No division title. No playoffs. No QB. By the time they find one they'll probably have to unload several of their apparent Hall of Fame players due to cap restrictions. Until they find one they'll be stuck in purgatory, yet still flexing their muscles over a lifeless corpse

Congrats tho

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