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What I expect to see today.


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I believe we will see Dallas throw the ball at least 30 times today, off of play action and then they will try to run the ball on stretch plays (sweeps). Our DL seems to play well when the opponent runs up the middle but get lost when they open up the field. I think Kasan from Dallas will be in alot also. He is much like Travis Henry without as much power. Dallas will also shift alot like the Bucs. The sprint option that Tampa ran will defintely be used alot in short yardage until we show we can stop it. On offense I think we will see alot of short stuff to start out especially with the RB situation (RB screens). Hopefully this will play out like the NE game and we can mix in effective running plays early. NE blitzed alot and we able to slow down their blitzes because they respected our RB. I dont like to make predictions on the score but, I feel our tackling, blocking and unforced errors will be much better than they have been. That being said look for J. Hall to be the difference maker today.

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