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Redskins / Colts Prediction Thread: Ch-ch-ch-changes. UPDATED

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When: Sunday 1:00 p.m. .

Where: Lucas Oil Stadium


What a game this could have been, hype-wise.

Sunday, the battle-weary Redskins travel to Indianapolis to take on the Colts, in a game that a few years ago was going to be a highly anticipated game.


How times have changed. LITERATELY!


Sunday, the redskins fall 17-13 to a 49er team which was very beatable, with a surprise visit from the Redskins defense, kept the game close and low scoring. Unfortunately the offense just couldn't get it going.

Now the task at hand is stopping Andrew Luck; not an easy task to accomplish, as he plays like a seasoned veteran, and has the Colts in the hunt for another division title. Defensively they are not good but not bad either, but they are playing at home which is a huge benefit for them as their fans will attest to.


The Redskins limp in with a defense that came to play last sunday, but the offense continues to struggle, and I use the term struggle lightly. Griffin continues to have his problems and the o-line continues to have problems, but the Colts defense isn't like the 49er d-line, but now Griffin has been benched, at least for this week's game in favor of Colt McCoy, the hero from the Cowboys game.


This definitely changes the format of the game, so to speak. QB changes are big news, and none bigger than in DC, now McCoy has his opportunity to revive and redeem himself, and put a claim in for being a player on the Redskins team, or possibly another team. The way things are going, I honestly have no idea what to expect anymore; well, almost.


Look for a Redskin team to come out swinging and quite possibly with more pep in their step. A change may be what the doctor ordered, or it could be a disaster in the making for Gruden, but I expect to see a team rally around whoever is QB, and it may very well be a game that comes down to the wire. Like I said, I just don't know what to expect anymore.


when the final whistle blows,

Redskins just don't have the firepower to keep up, or do they?


Redskins 34

Colts 33

* Updated and looking for the upset. GO GET EM' COLT!

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Some story that barely qualifies as news gets released Sunday morning, dead horse is pulverized into almost liquid form.


Griffin continues to resemble Jason Campbell, Luck has a huge day. We cry at what could have been--then realize we'd probably **** Luck up too.


We lose 42-13

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Sadly I must agree with everyone on this. We are the worst team in the NFL..sans Jacksonville... Ok 2nd worst. Colts blow us out and as we have come to expect no offense at all!!!   We score some meaningless points long after the game is decided.


Colts - 45   Redskins - 20

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For some odd reason, I don't feel so bad about this game (which usually leads to a blowout).  But I do believe that Luck is going to carve us up.  Even against SF, their WRs were open all over the field.  Luck won't miss those throws, and his receivers won't drop the ball.  Morris runs for another 125 yards, and Griffin manages to get DJax the ball on at least one deep ball (but overall plays mediocre); DJax ends up with 100 yards and a TD.  In the end, Luck ends up with 350 yards and 3 TDs.


Colts - 33

Skins - 24

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If RG3 plays the entire game the Skins will score between 3 and 13 points.  Colts will score between 27 and 42 depending on how long RG3 can sustain drives.  The more 3 and outs we have the more the Colts will score. 


The biggest story won't be the score though.  We will see RG3 and Luck play with it easy to compare the two.  IMO - Luck is finally going to take the chip off his shoulder and show everyone that he really was the better QB all along.  No more coming in second. I think Skins fans are going to be shocked at how big a difference there is now between the two QBs. 

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I'll just throw out Colts 31, Redskins 20 as a guess.


Even though it might be smoke and mirrors, irritating when Gruden says he's tailoring the gameplan to the quarterback that he's going to start.  If that means that he's going to go more conservative if Robert starts, that won't work. Might as well go with Colt or Kirk if that is the case.

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Redskins 48

Colts 17


The game suddenly slows down for RG3 and he starts seeing things as they truly are, sort of like when it all "clicks" for Keanu Reeves in the Matrix. He regains his 2012 form and then some, throwing for 3 TD's and running in 2 more himself. Colts fans regret that they had passed on this guy. With the win, we grab a share of 1st place in the NFC South. The NFL had announced on Saturday that we had been "flexed" to that division for the remainder of the year. Just because they could and to make things more interesting. Suddenly the 2014 campaign looks much brighter for Redskins Nation.

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Hopefully Gruden watched the Patriots play the Colts and we run the ball 40+ times.


We'd have a chance and Gruden did just realize that what he said in Pre-Season was in fact true, our running game is the best part of our offense now, especially with Griffen playing.


I'm guessing we run the ball more but not enough more.


Colts 30

Redskins 23

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Colts win as Luck picks apart Skin secondary.

AlMo's run game suffers w/o read option threat.

McCoy, w/o running game, and reduced to short passes only, starts to throw interceptions.

Colt takes the first of many upcoming violent sacks. In a few weeks Skins have another QB with "happy feet".

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