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Make Trade for Johnny Football ?


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Even f we decid to keep Robert , we know we will need 2 Qbs that are on the starting level . We know that Cousins is not the guy . Colt s ok and Who knows how long we will have him for . Johnny on other hand is very similar to Robert and the offense would not have to change so much when these guys go down . Its very clear Robert will miss time each year .... upside of Johnny is he has not had any serious injuries yet

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LOL as soon as I saw the title I immediately thought that you must be the guy in the GEICO commercial who turns down the running car and says "let's hide behind the chainsaws!"  Hell no we don't take Johnny Manziel!!!  Zone read QB's do not make good NFL QBs.  Not to mention that he's an idiot who can't stay out of trouble.  We don't need more drama.

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Johnny Football


You're new, so I would suggest reading through the rules again.  Generally speaking, any and all "should we" threads ought to go into an existing thread...or sometimes just not be.


The most appropriate existing thread for this would probably be the Free Agent thread; while he's not a FA, he's an existing player and we don't have an "official trade" thread, and probably don't need one, considering how rarely we do trades.


Anyways, Jumbo or TK or another mod will swoop by and close this soon I imagine, hopefully they will be gentle.


Also, wouldn't trading for Johnny interfere with Cousins starting, as your username seems to imply that that'd be your preference.  Also, no, we should not.  He is not developed sufficiently, I suspect he has many of the shortcomings RGIII has.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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