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WATCH LIVE: Redskins Postgame Comments

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Well, that was ugly...


RG III - 11 sacks in two games. Ya know, can't blame all of those on the OLine, as sad as they are. Now with Trent out (don't know how long)...


2 TDs, 3 INTs, 1 fumble in two games. STOP with the excuses - this guy just is not playing well right now. Give him to the end of the year - nothing to lose there. Plan B best be in place because this ain't working so far.


A rookie WR absolutely torched these guys. Hint - you need a better secondary - Surprise...McGown tosses up 288 yds - 209 to one guy. Ummm...they might be throwing his way; just a guess.


So - Jay said this team could have been a 7-2 team prior to this one. I said closer to a 2-7 one. You just lost to a team, at home, that should have been winless. 


Skins ran 69 plays vs 46 for the Buc's. 20 Redskin first downs to 12. Had the ball 10 min's longer. And still got blown out. That really does define you suck.


Oh yeah, like usual they have decided to rely on the pass way more than the run. How'd that work out...4.4 yds per pass play - 5 per run. Four and a half yards per pass play - that really is pretty disgusting. Four fumbles - OK they only lost one but that is not very good ball handling. 


One positive? Well, I can't think of one either MansChild. Well, they are moving closer to a shot at the #1 pick...which they would probably screw up anyway...

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I FOUND one bright thing to say about the game....it wasn't as poorly coached as a COLLEGE game!! If anybody else saw the Florida-Miami game Saturday night, they will probably agree that the Miami coach should have been HUNG for his "prevent -offense" he employed during the entire second half, leading to a victory by Florida when it was obvious that those "caine" boys could have won had they continued to play the same game plan they used in the first half. That's really the only good thing I can say.....it wasn't as bad as the college game. I have never been a "hater" of any player. To me, it's business and what have you done today to deserve to play, today? I see a lot of Redskins that pretend their football people during the week, they say the right things to the media and they go through the motions....but they don't possess an ounce of passion but then again am I talking about the coaches or the players? Yeah, THAT's the sadist part......they both act the same.

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