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Ya know, I am sick to FRIGGIN DEATH of listening to the radio and hearing those clowns and the lameass callers calling in talking about the Redskins. Ya know what people - get off the fukkin wagon now and stay the FUKK off - don't ever come back. It is telling right now how many people are showing their true colors and I am really really surprised at how many fairweather fans there are ooozing and seeping out into the public right now. This is pathetic. I am ashamed that the Redskins have these type of fans. Want a sample? Tune into SportsTalk 980 and listen to those A-Holes.

I hope we put a major beatdown to the Cowboys and I will be watching for sure, either way, whatever happens. And you know what - I'll be back for my dose next week, too, and the week after that. Till they throw dirt on my face. Now go to hell, all you Loser Poser Skins fans - you know who you are! Get the **** outta my way! - AwgustLab

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I was watching HBO last night and came across this movie called 'Bleacher Bums.' Never heard of it before but it was about a bunch of regular guys watching the opening home Chicago Bruins game (obviously the White Sox) and just talking about sports and stuff. Turned out it was a pretty good movie and I ended up watching the whole thing. (Actually it reminded me a lot of this board)

ANYway, I'm going to have to spoil the ending to make my point here, so read on at your own risk. There's this one guy, Marvin, who pretty much a big a$$hole and ends up betting half a dozen or so fans that the Briuns would lose, and they eventually do. Marvin collects several Gs and does some "The Bruins always break your heart in the end" gloating. He offers several people rides home and noone takes it. Finally the last other guy in the stands says to him (this is from memory, but it stuck in my head pretty good)

"You know, Marvin, they'll win tomorrow. They always get mad after they lose. Then they'll sweep the rest of the series. Then they'll sweep Montreal. They'll end up winning the division, Marvin. I can see it. Then they'll win the pennant and go to the World Series. The World Series! It will go seven games. And the seventh game will be this amazing defensive battle. 0-0 going into the 23rd inning. Finally the Bruins will get Ernie Banks to come out of retirement and he hits a beautiful home run, right into my lap. And we win the World Series! We will be the World Champions. World Champions, Marvin!

... and after that game, you can give me a ride home."

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