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NewCliche21's Favorite Thread: NC21 Eats Crow!


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I never really thought we would pull off a win, but was determined to watch the game. I told my son, who was traveling back home last night, that he should DVR the game. He said, I'm not recording this trash! Got a text after the game that he listened to it on the radio, rushed home and flew in the house to catch OT.

We would both like our crow well-done please!

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I admit it..I gave us no chance. I figured it would be over by halftime. I had lost complete faith in this team. I posted on facebook, everytime I am ready to give up on the Skins they find a way to bring me back. I know this might be an overstatment. But to me that was one of the best victories in a long time. The fan base really needed this.

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 I thought we were done when romoSUCKS pulled that Houdini move on that last play.


Same here. I was yelling "YES!YES!" when it looked like we were about to close in on him and bring him down. Then he does a turn around escape (changing to "Oh crap... here it comes") and has plenty of time to throw for a first down.


Sort of like this


It's funny that after the play from Breeland you could see Bryant pointing his fingers down and waving at Breeland trying to get an interference call.

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Posted Today, 02:28 PM

Cooleyfan1993, on 27 Oct 2014 - 2:23 PM, said:snapback.png



One of quite a few of "this game is already over, why are we playing it" posts that I made about this week.  I know that we can all go back and point to other threads where we were wrong, and since we can't make call-out threads for assholes like me, I'm asking the rest of my nay-saying bretheren to join in, man up, post your worst "We lose to Dallas" post, and eat some delicious crow!


Man it feels GREAT to be wrong!!!


From the mid 90s to the 2K's us Redskin's fans have been victimized over and over.  Got our hopes up only to be dashed.  Even last night I wouldn't believe we won until I saw there were no flags after Breeland's deflection (man a pick-six woulda been a perfect ending).  My poor kids have had to listen to me tell them over and over how we used to win these games.  I'm happy for them.  Especially my boys who have taken so much crap at school and are now using a dump truck on social media to pay it back after last night. 


I'm sure I wasn't the only one who grieved over opportunities lost thinking well - that was our chance.  The Murphy dropped int, several dropped int's by the secondary, not getting to kick a field goal at regulation to end the game.  Then the gut punch when Kerrigan failed to secure the fumble on the goal line! It feels so good to come out on top for a change!

Don't feel bad about picking against us.  Let's just hope this is a new era.  That we can start expecting to win these in the years to come.

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I thought this was gonna be the low point of the year and the game where we decided we got nowhere to go but up. 


I was wrong

Picked against us in both of my pick 'em leagues, including a confidence of 10 in one league. I'll take my crow medium-rare, thank you.

As little hope as I have sometimes, I have never done 2 things in my big money leagues: picked against the Skins and picked the Cowboys.


I'm sure i've left hundreds on the table because of it, but it would feel like blood money.

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"Santana Moss needs to get on the field for this one if were gonna have a shot.  


Bring out the Cowboy Killer for this game.


With Moss:  Redskins 14 Pukes 13


Without Moss:  Redskins 3 Pukes 42


Jay Gruden has got to understand who 89 really is.  "


He did, we won.  


I was telling all my Cowgirl co-workers and family that we would be unleashing the Colt on them for laughs.


And more fun in the swarm thread...




"Colt McCoy Halloween costumes are going to be big down there this year.  


I think 95% of Skins fans are scared of Colt also though."


I didn't really even let myself get crazy enough to believe we would win, so I was pretty loose.  That was until kickoff, then I felt like my heart was gonna explode for about 3 1/2 hours or so.


What an awesome feeling to have them exceed expectations.

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I was obnoxiously facetious as i expect nothing less than calamity with this team. Realistcally i thought: "sure...we have a shot...but i can't convince myself to suffer any shred of optimism when it comes to the Redskins."

That said...so very happy to be eating some crow this week. I hope to do it again this week, & week 11, & week 12...you get the point.

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Well, I haven't had the energy to even be around these parts much from how hopeless I've been feeling about this franchise. I never get into predictions, though, because no one knows what can happen and we all have seen how fast things can change... but, I'll be honest. Had I predicted anything I would've predicted another prime time blowout where we get humiliated on national TV. As much as I wanted to have hope, I couldn't find a legitimate reason. Heck, I wasn't even so down on Colt... just thought the Cowboys would give our offense fits and that our defense would give up too many big plays. Seeing Breeland break up those two passes against Dez late in the game was the best feeling I've felt in forever. A CB (a rookie at that), actually playing the ball effectively in a big situation against a very good WR late in the game? What!?!?


Heck, my brother-n-law kept insisting this past week that we have a chance and that he thinks we're going to surprise everyone because so many are on the Cowboy bandwagon right now and it's bound to crash (he's a Bronco fan and wanted to have the best record in the NFL, too, lol). I kept telling him he was out of his mind and I just can't see it happening. I said the only thing we have going for us is we know them well since it's a division rival, but it's a prime time game. That nullifies that right there, lol.  


So happy I was so wrong. I hope I'm dead wrong about how I still feel about the improper structure of this organization and the decade-plus mismanagement that has coincided with it... please God let me be wrong and let this organization succeed! Or let me and the others who have (the others mainly) shed light on it be right and this organization changes for the better. Just be smart, professional and win!  

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