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Redskins Send Off & Welcome Home to Cowgirls


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It is that time again and with this one being MNF it will be a little different so I am posting both Send Off and Welcome Home times:


Send Off

Date: SUNDAY: 10-26-14

Time- Meet up 11:45AM Team leaves at 12:45

Redskins Park Ashburn VA


Welcome Home

Date: TUESDAY 10-28-14

Time- Meet up at 4:15AM Team should arrive between 4:30-5AM

Redskins Park Ashburn VA




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4:30-5 AM? yeesh...you guys are pretty amazing to want to go out at 4:30-5 AM to meet the team. not trying to say that its crazy to do that especially after a loss. point is that i wouldn't wanna schlep all the way there at 4:30-5 AM even after a win. sleep is way too important.



but i give you guys props for doing these :) hope the team brings back a W for y'all. HTTR!

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It went awesome!  Helu & McCoy stopped by and said Thank You from his car and chatted for a few.  Ryan Clark stopped and talked to everyone and MY BOY Jarvis slowly went by hanging out of his car screaming C L E M S O N T I G E R S :)


The Redskins got a photo of us with Ryan and it is up on their FB page.  Also Reighn's kids are addicted!  We might have a Pez and Huly in the making as their son woke up before he did and looked at his dad saying "Is it time to go yet"   HA HA HA HA


All of the guys were SUPER excited honking screaming from their cars etc! 


Sorry I didn't post yesterday I went straight to work (along with Reign & Pez) and straight from there to Redskins Late Night so needless to say we were on 2 hours of sleep EXHAUSTED!

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