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I Went Fishing Yesterday 10/30.......


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......on the Chesapeake Bay with my father and Hurricane Isabel really messed up the bay. This was my first trip out since Isabel.

My father is one of the lucky ones to get his pier and boat lift fixed as soon as he did. He is the only one to have it back, while everyone else there on Holland Point is still waiting. Some are saying it won't be until next spring or early summer before they are done getting thier piers rebuilt.

Oh, to be a pier builder or a boat lift mechanic right now. They are making some big bucks.

And the fishing SUCKS.

Noone is catching anything except, once in a great while you get lucky. This is the time of year that the bay is full of schooling Rockfish (Stripped Bass) and you limit out everytime you go fishing.


It is so bad that he is telling his customers for his charters that they should not fish this fall and rebook the trips next spring.

And the debris is still floating everywhere.

I saw 55 gallon drums, peices of boats, sections of piers, pilings(their like telephone poles) and floating dead fish. We had to keep an eye out for everything so we would not hit anything.

It is going to take awhile for the bay to recover.

It is sad.

But not as sad as some people have it that lost there homes. My folks were lucky that they only had some roof damage, and there house sat far enough back from the water that the waves did not hit it. I saw some houses that were pushed off their foundation and slamed into another house from what the waves did to them

Indeed, very sad.

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My folks have a house on the VA sideof the Potomac at the mouth of the Bay. They lost their dock, jetti's and seaswall along with roof damage and yard erosion. They were the lucky ones. Some of the houses are still under water as the potomac has cut new channels into the backwater creeks.

My folks dont expect to have a new dock until summer 2005.

If there is any good news, it's that the Oyster crop is very strong.

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Yea Kilmer, I hear the crab harvest has been better since alot of crabs were pushed up the bay. They are also saying the crabs will be way better next year too.

Glad to hear your folks made it through also.

My folks seawall had most of the big rocks and bolders pushed up onto there front yard, but the seawall held. If it haden't, they would of lost their house.

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They had a wood only seawall. There house is grandfathered into a now protected wetlands area and they arent allowed to use stone or concrete. It sucks, but it also means no new houses will ever go into that area.

They found most of the docks and jetti lumber on the street side of the houses.

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