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What the Skins will need next year


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So, like everyone else I figure this season is pretty much over.  I'm not so frustrated as some people.  Even when we play poorly there's still the fact other teams seem to benefit  from our lack of luck and constant injuries.  But with nothing to plays for  why not look at the next year's needs vs what we've got and what we can get rid of?


We should be getting a high pick and we have our complete stockpile. 


The salary cap is supposedly $140 million and according to OverthCap.com we should be sitting at $122, 705, 678.


$17 million is a good starting place plus we've got some people we can cut.  Cutting Stephen Bowen, Barry Cofield, Chris Chester, Tracy Porter, Logan Paulson and Kedric Golston saves over 19 million dollars.  Trent Williams is on the last year of his contract and counts for almost 14 million.  They'll want to extend him and lower that number significantly. 


Now onto needs vs what we have


QB- Unless Griffin gets hurt again I don't see how it would be possible to justify drafting another QB high


RB- a low round pick or a free agent if a scatback type is available


WR- We have to much invested for anything here.


TE- Paulson isn't worth over 2 mill a year.  That's the only reason I predict he'll be cut.  Paul is a free agent, Reed is injury prone.  We'll need some help here.  Jermaine Gresham and Alex Smith from the Bengals are both FAs


OL.  The obvious place of need.  Hopefully we will not have given up on Moses or Long already, though.  Interior linemen high in the first round are pretty rare.  I'd expect to go for an RT to compete with Moses in free agency, and interior line, especially a center in the second or third round.  Of course a little looking around now I see a Matthews may be in the 2015 draft so maybe the Skins could go center in the first round




Front 7


I'm in favor of a return to the 4-3 which is why I'm bunching most people together since there'd be position changing.  Riley or Robinson could probably convert to OLB, and I think most of our backups could play multiple 4-3 LB positions.  We'd probably need to go for a starter at one OLB position.


Convert Kerrigan, Murphy(backup) and if we re-sign him Orakpo to end.  Hatcher and Baker can play the inside.  If we don't bring back Rak Hatcher could probably be a DE instead with Jarvis Jenkins at the other tackle.  We've got some fairly young cheap backups.  I'd look for low round picks and depth signings only for the Dline.


DB- of course the biggest need.  Safety is ideally where we spend out first round pick, but if not we can look at CB, since you always need more of those.  Perhaps a young CB could keep Breeland as our nickel guy and allow Hall to move to free safety if he recovers.  Of course we'll need to look at free agency as well.  Nate Allen of the Eagles is an FA.

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It's too early for a thread like this. We need to see how our guys play for the rest of the season. Obviously OL and Secondary are still our biggest weaknesses. In my opinion that's all we should focus on.


I disagree because in most of our positions of weakness we might get some guys who find a way to play lights out we'd still need to upgrade.  At TE Reed already has a history, Paulson's experience will price him out of the league at his skill level and Paul is an FA.  And at QB, you can't bring in a new guy to compete as a starter when your incumbent is on his rookie deal, if he can play. 


Meanwhile the guys I suggested to cut on D have developed injuries and are getting expensive.

New fans.

...sorry, I couldn't help myself.


you know, I wouldn't mind it.

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I can't think of a single reason for Polumbus or Chester to start another game before RGIII returns. (maybe ever)..  But if game reps is what it takes to find out if anyone we have can actually play in the NFL, then no better time than the present!


And I wouldn't care how they look in practice.. Some guys are just better in actual games.. Bring in all the youngsters for that matter! Anywhere we can bench an old veteran who we already know sucks, bring in the backup and see if we have ANYONE worth holding on to.. Let em' get burned, let them succeed, just let them get game reps!! Who knows, maybe someone steps up and surprises us!!


(Come on, it could happen) :P

And if that don't work, my next and last idea is to have someone plant a bug in Snyders office (or just frame him, either way is fine) and hopefully get him on tape saying something racist!!

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Trent Williams is on the last year of his contract and counts for almost 14 million.  They'll want to extend him and lower that number significantly. 


No, no, no. Just stop right there. Just no.


You know what the worst part of this last offseason was? It's not the questionable draft picks. It's not that we seemed to be the only team in the NFL who thought Shaun Lauvao was a premier player. It's not signing like 15 free against to only produce a 1-5 team.


No, the worst part of this of season was how they actually did NOT gear anything for the long-term. They structured contracts for more room in 2014, and less in 2016 and beyond. So right when you should be trying to be a real contender, and when you are going to have your best players needing extensions, you have less cap room. All so you can hold on to Orakpo for one year at a massive cost while you've already decided that he's not part of the future. we were using the future to finance 2014 when we should have done the opposite.


Imagine if we had the same record, but a few of our holes had been filled really well and we had set ourselves up to have a max amount of cap space when we needed it? How much more hope would we have now?


DO NOT lower Williams cap figure for 2015. Raise it. Make your cap space for later.

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I wish we would go to the 4-3.  I cant stand to see Kerrigan and Orakpo trying to cover TE's.  If they do go 4-3 next season The Ends should be Kerrigan, Hatcher and Murphy plus one more but I would let Orakpo go.  Hatchers best year in Dallas was at end in the 4-3.  The Tackles could be  Baker, Kearse, Gathers, and Jenkins.  Riley at MLB Robinson at OLB and find the others.


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Let's just hope that next year is one of those rare magical seasons where everything comes together and we go on a winning streak at the end to make it to the wildcard round. That's all there is to hope for any more.


Yeah...Every season late September/Early October, we have to look forward to next year.  Disappointing.

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