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Press Release: Gruden Quotes


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October 3, 2014

Redskins Park

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On tight ends Jordan Reed and Niles Paul:

“Jordan was limited. Niles went full today, did a good job.”

On his level of optimism for Reed for Monday:

“It’s hard to gauge. He did a little bit more yesterday. He’s coming along at a pretty good rate. We just have got to wait and see how he feels tomorrow moving forward. It’s hard for him when he’s not getting a lot of team reps. He’s getting some but not very many. We’ll have to wait and see how he does tomorrow to make that final decision, and if we feel like he’s ready – not only physically but mentally, that he’s got everything down…”

On if game planning changes with Reed’s uncertainty:

“Well, Niles [Paul] has played very well in his absence so a lot of things we ask Jordan to do, Niles has been doing. Maybe there’s a few other plays that Jordan’s really good at that we haven’t asked Niles to do, but for the most part we’re running our offense without a few of the specialty things we like Jordan to do. It does alter it some, but not to the extent where it hurts us moving forward.”

On left tackle Trent Williams:

“He did a good job. He looked OK… still a little sore. But, we’ll get another look at him when he gets treatment after practice and then he’ll let us know how he does today or tomorrow... I feel pretty good about it. I don’t know about him, but I feel pretty good about it.”

On if he is optimistic that guard Shawn Lauvao could play Monday:

“I am. He’s was limited today too, but he looked pretty good out there so that’s a good sign. Like I said, it’s just a matter of tomorrow after working it, coming in for treatment in the morning and seeing how they do in practice tomorrow will be a big test. Tomorrow will be a big test for them all.”

On if he scouted quarterbacks Kirk Cousins, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson prior to the 2012 NFL Draft and if he is surprised by their career paths:

“No, every case is different. I looked at it a little bit, but obviously we had a quarterback in Andy [Dalton]. We weren’t looking at the quarterback market the second and third year. But all three of them are very talented. You know, Russell has been given a great situation with a great team around him also and took advantage of his reps. And Kirk and Robert, Robert’s obviously had some issues with his injuries and so much, and Kirk’s been stuck behind him. But, they’re all three good quarterbacks, they’re all three young quarterbacks, and I think all three of their futures are very bright in the NFL. One has done a little bit more, accomplished more obviously to this point, but that doesn’t mean the other two won’t accomplish great things in their career moving forward. So, all three of them have a lot to be proud of for what they’ve accomplished so far, but I know that Kirk and Robert both have their sights set higher for what they want to accomplish later on.”

If he has thought about running back Alfred Morris’ past success against Seattle:

“Yeah, we try to give that a lot of thought every week, no matter what defense we play. Seattle’s obviously doing very good against the run. Like I said, they are 2.6 or 2.8 yards a carry. They do a nice job. The one thing you want to avoid against these guys is third down and long somehow. So when we do run the ball, we have got to make sure we make positive plays out of it. We’re trying not to alter from our game plan. Our game plan is always going to be to try to feature the run and use Alfred as much as we can – especially with a quarterback that hasn’t had a lot of reps throughout the season and the offseason. But it takes a lot of pressure off Kirk, it takes a lot of pressure off the offensive line and pass blocking those guys who can really rush the passer, so it’ll be important for us to have balance and to be able to run the ball.”

On if he is pleased with how the players have bought into contributing on special teams:

“I am. I think they’re doing a good job. We’ve given up a couple big plays unfortunately, and it’s more player-related more so than scheme-related, I think. We’re in the right spots. We just have got to make sure we fit-up and make the tackles, make sure we work our technique in punt protection and all that. But I feel like improvement has been made and I feel like with Adam Hayward as the captain of the group, he holds everybody accountable, as does Coach [ben] Kotwica, and they are buying in. They are running to the ball, they are doing a good job learning what they’re supposed to do and doing it. We just have got to continue to put it on the field every Sunday, and eventually we’re going to have to make a big play on special teams. We’re going to have to block a punt, we’re going to have to return a kick for a touchdown – something – recover a fumble. Something that changes the momentum of the football game is really what I’m looking for on special teams.”

On if the reserves are willing to contribute on special teams:

“I think the majority of them are and the ones that aren’t were probably looking to move. If you’re a reserve, you better make sure you make your mark with Coach Kotwica, otherwise we’ve got to find another reserve because if you’re not playing, you need to be busting your tail on special teams. That’s what your job is. All three phases are equally as important and guys understand that. Some guys are just naturally better at it than others. There’s nothing you can do about that. Some guys aren’t asked as a reserve to do a lot of special teams, but for the most part, I think everybody understands the importance and are playing fairly hard on it.”

On if play calling is affected when smaller receivers face larger cornerbacks:

“Yeah, it makes it a little more difficult. It’ll alter some of the game plan and route concepts and all that stuff. Those guys are both excellent corners and are very physical down there. The whole group in general, they’re just a physical group. The safeties are physical, the linebackers are physical and they do a great job of reading eyes and playing their zone coverages. And then when they want to play man-to-man, they do a good job of getting their hands on receivers and re-routing them. And they do a nice job altogether, so whoever we’re going up against, it’s going to take great effort by our wideouts, whether you’re 5-foot-10 or 6-foot-1, to really work your releases and locate the ball and make a good play on the ball and the accuracy by the quarterback is going to be equally as important. It goes hand in hand, but we do have some different concepts for them down there in the red zone as we do every week for every different team and hopefully they’ll work.”

On linebacker Brian Orakpo:

“We have high expectations for Brian and we think that he’d have more than a half-a-sack right now in Week 4. In fairness to him, I guess, Houston and the Giants, there weren’t a lot of great, premier pass rush situations for him, so we have got to make sure we do a good job as a group on first down and second down to get him some opportunities to rush the passer. When he does have the opportunities, we expect more production but he has had some plays where he’s forced the issue and other guys have gotten sacks because of him. Sometimes it’s not about the sack number, it’s about consistent pressure and that is really what we’re looking for from him. I don’t really care so much about how many sacks you get, but I do want him around the quarterback and I want quarterbacks to feel him on a consistent basis. I think he can improve in that department and he’ll tell you the same thing, but he’s not doing as bad as a half-a-sack may sound.”

On Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s reputation for managing games:

“Just because he manages the game doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the talent to do whatever – he could throw the ball deep. He can hurt you in a lot of ways. If they need to score 35 or 40, then he can open it up and they can throw it 50 times. He just hasn’t had to do that because their defense has played so well. When I say ‘great game manager,’ it means I think he’s not turning the ball over and he’s making great decisions. If it’s time to punt, it’s time to punt. He’ll let his defense get the ball back for him. He does a great job in that regard. If they ever get in a situation where they’re down, he has the ability to throw the ball in bunches and do a good job. So I think as a total package quarterback, his numbers may not speak for it, but I think his production does. When it’s all said and done, it’s about production in this league with wins and losses, not so much about stats. You know, preparing for him, there’s a lot of pass concepts that they have. They have a great running game, obviously, so you’re preparing for him like you prepare for any other quarterback in the NFL, but you have to also add in the fact that he’s unbelievable as far as getting out of the pocket, avoiding the rush and buying time. He’s like Houdini back there avoiding the rushes and the sacks and keeping plays alive. So that’s the biggest concern is trying to keep him in the pocket as opposed to letting him get out and make big plays with his legs.”

On if he is using this game as a measuring stick:

“I think we try to measure ourselves on an individual basis and a team basis. I don’t like to measure ourselves against any other team. Obviously they’re the Super Bowl champs and you’d like to try to compete with the best and see where you stand, but I think every day we try to measure our guys and see how they’re doing, how they’re performing, if they’re getting better on a daily basis. So we’re not really trying to measure ourselves against any other team, we’re trying to measure ourselves as how we’re getting better, how we’re preparing and what we do. Just moving forward, as long as I feel like we’re getting better, making strides for the better, playing hard with some passion, I’ll be all right no matter what the outcome is. Obviously we took a little step back in that department against the Giants, so I’m looking for big-time improvement in that regard.”

On comparing his team against last week’s performance:

“We just want to make sure we continue to get better. That’s it. We laid an egg against the Giants, there’s no question about it. But offense, defense, everybody laid an egg, coaches included, in front of our home crowd. That’s what the most disappointing thing is – you talk about the importance of playing in front of our home crowd and we’ve got to turn that around. We’ve got to take advantage of our home games. It’s a great advantage for us and we want to make sure we don’t ever let that happen again. So we’re hoping that these guys come out, take it personally and come out and play with a lot of pride and passion and improve on their performance. That’s all we can ask.”

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So is he going to get Haz to Press receivers or not..I saw one comment..then Nothing. Shoot you HAVE to disrupt them at the line and HOPE the LB's get to Wilson...


I REALLY hate those soft cushions

The cushions are getting so soft/bad and predictable even my wife is starting to point them out, smh...

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Not only do we not bump and press, teams do it to us regularly.


How can that be, seemingly year and years, coach after coach, that we get pressed no matter the abilities of our WR and corners?


Of course this goes a long ways back, well into the Carlos Cushion Era.


A guy like Breeland is going to have to be used to his strengths as a rookie. Amerson had a tough week but seems physical enough to me to do it. Gruden's comments appear directed at Haslett/Morris and it seems most everyone knows the corners were not even trying to press most downs. 

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Let's not disappoint the home crowd two games in a row. I want to see a competitive fought out game like the one in Philadelphia



Isn't it just a little sad that we are all now conditioned to hold up a competitive loss as a "good" game? No disrespect to you skins/psu as I include myself in that group. Every week now I find myself thinking, well if we are at least competitive, that will be good.


Will we ever get back to the days where we expect to win and mostly do?

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So wonder if we will now hear that Gruden is preventing Haz from running the defenses that he wants? 


We had better be able to handle Lynch....if Marshawn and the seachicks can run on us consistently it will be a long night for our D. With Wilson, think we have the same type of problem we had in Philthy.....Philthy had the dynamic screen game that slowed down our rush whereas Wilson is a scrambling threat that we need to keep contained.   And....need to get hits on Wilson just like we did on Foles. 


I see where Gruden wants to run the ball.....to take pressure off of Cousins and our Oline in pass pro situations....unfortunately the Seachicks D is allowing under 3.0 yards per rush to opposing teams. 


The bright side of this game is that it is not in Seattle....and we have had a long time to get healthier and to game plan for Seattle.  Seattle may have a little tougher time planning for us.....do they plan for the team that pounded Jax and hung toe to toe with Philthy....or the team that laid a giant egg against the Gnats. 


Hard to be overly optimistic about this game....don't expect a blowout loss but I would be a very surprised and happy fan if we come out of this game with a W. 

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Missed tackles on Lynch will be a critical point, gotta get him on the first try. Wrap up properly. Having to put so much pressure up front, we're not gonna have the luxury of letting him move at all. Sherman's gonna have to get our "extra man" in coverage. (like we have one, LOL, just sayin')


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LMAO...On Brain Orakpo only having a half a sack...we got to get him in better situations to get sacks,,,Meanwhile .. the rest of the NFL.. The great pass rushers are getting to the Q.B and forcing fumbles and getting sacks ..while Mr.Orakpo still refuses to learn better technique and sticks with his one move bull rush...and prove that he is not worth a big contract.

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Not only do we not bump and press, teams do it to us regularly.


How can that be, seemingly year and years, coach after coach, that we get pressed no matter the abilities of our WR and corners?


one of my problems with Haslett's defense is that its design (to me) seems to encourage a lot of 3rd down and shorts.  Watch him over the course of a couple of games and you'll see the corners play to the down and distance.


1st and 10 - usually both corners are off, or sometimes 1 corner is in press and the other is off

2nd down - depending on the distance, both corners are often playing off.  (even short yardage, theyll back up to the sticks)


offenses have free releases.  It's almost as if the defense is saying dont get burned bad, give up the short or medium pass and make the tackle in front of the first down marker.


this leaves plenty of 3rd and shorts for the offense.  this also handcuffs their pass rushers.  they are playing run on first down, on 2nd down they're rushing but often the opposing QB is in a 3 step drop and on 3rd down, the distance is often short that theyre rush is nullified again .   the corners play tight on 3rd and short, 3rd and medium and they drop behind the first down marker.....it seems from my vantage point on the couch that its an easy defense to exploit.


on one hand you can say what do you know from your couch.   valid point.

but on the other hand, look at this team's defensive rankings since haslett has been here.

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