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WP: D.C. Loses Bid to Host 2008 Super Bowl (MERGED)


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D.C. Loses Bid to Host 2008 Super Bowl

Associated Press

Thursday, October 30, 2003; 1:25 PM

CHICAGO -- Arizona was awarded the 2008 Super Bowl by a vote of NFL owners Thursday.

The Phoenix area beat out Tampa and Washington, D.C., and will host its second Super Bowl. The 1996 game was played in Tempe, Ariz., where Dallas beat Pittsburgh.

The 2008 game will be played in a new stadium in Glendale, Ariz., currently under construction.

Commissioner Paul Tagliabue had championed a proposal to hold the 2008 game in either Washington or the New York area. But the New Jersey Meadowlands could not put together a satisfactory bid in time, and the owners preferred a warmer climate by choosing Arizona.

The Meadowlands plans to bid for the 2009 game. No outdoor Super Bowl ever has been held in a cold-weather city.

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I think that plain stinks. Is there really that big of a concern about playing the Super Bowl in cold weather?

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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

Honestly which of the big wigs wants to sit through a cold weather super bowl? They want the sun, the cheerleaders wearing nothing etc etc. Bunch of old bums

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Originally posted by Symbol

They can't even sell out a home game for their very own team. Why do they deserve the Super Bowl over a team who has the NFL record for most consecutive sell out games.

I wonder if Snyder mentioned this as part of his campaign. The NFL obviously is scared of cold weather and probably wants to put on a good face for Arizona and the Cardinals. They probably figure we have a great fan base and don't need their good will. That sucks.

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The weather HAD to be the deciding factor.

Tags and staff do NOT want a 10-7 bad weather super bowl. They want a big scoring, big offense super bowl where the pretty boys can shine and the big uglies playing in obscurity.

I hope they get a frigging monsoon during the super bowl. :D

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