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Ok Joe, I now trust my eyes


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Sorry -- this is just one game, albiet a terrible one.  Just like the Jags and Eagles games were just,....single point in time games.


Kirk is gonna be the starter for at the very least the next 6-8 games.  He needs to be properly evaluated.  It's possible he just doesn't have the mental make up for pressure situations, because that's what I saw to be the issue last night.  He just mentally collapsed under the pressure and couldn't get it back.  But it also seemed a lot of the team did the same thing.

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Why do people get mad when someone starts a thread they don't like or agree with?  Cousins had a horrible game, but I truly think Gruden is a good coach, and I hope he gets a long tenure with us (without Haslett).  Gruden is a QB coach, if anyone can get these guys squared away it's him.  When I say these guys I mean Griffin & Cousins.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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