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Defense: Guarding against the big play


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So far through two games the defense has been pretty solid.  A lot better than I expected this soon.  The one downside has been giving up the big play.  In Texans it possibly cost us the game.  Against Jacksonville it was probably overlooked because it was 21-0 when it happened, but there was also the earlier easy TD pass that Hall was torched on, but the WR dropped it.  Otherwise it might have been 21-14 going into halftime.


Brandon Meriweather returning should help as Rambo has been benched, however it isn't only Rambo who has been caught giving up these plays.


The Eagles/Colts game is about to get underway, will be interesting to see how much they rely on the big play tonight.


The Pass rush will really need to turn it on against Foles, not only to break up big play potential, but also slow down the pace of their offense which leads to the big plays.

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Rambo not playing helps a lot.  Other than him, there has been a lot of sure tackling going on with this defense.  That's the key to not giving up big plays in the NFL, especially against the Eagles.  With Meriweather moving into the box, we'll have Clark out there patrolling the middle of the field.  It will be a relief having someone who understands angles back there for the first time this season.

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In obvious passing downs, what defense has Haslett been running? 


I would love to see some all 22/gifs of the big plays our D allowed, so we can discuss it.


I question how he used Rambo, specifically what D was he running when he got burned. With our new found dominating kick ass front 7, a safety in the box is less common. That means he is in space. That is where Rambo struggles. Indeed he did, and he is gone.


Game 1 - I feel the first TD pinned on him, was a bit much. Sure he likely was in proper position, but he was the only DB on that half of the field, IIRC. He played the WR to the outside, to allow pursuit by forcing him back inside. The goal there is the make the tackle, sure. But their guys get paid to make plays, too, and that Houston 3 looks like a proper stud in the making. As a priority, Rambo is to not let that guy get wide, and he did that. Coverage was blown on the play and Gruden even said so. But he never said who.


Game 2 - I am not sure what his gaffe(s) were but am curious.



OT: We need a thread devoted to our defense. Maybe if this thread drops into obscurity, rename it into an all purpose D thread. We all talk RG3 Cousins until we are blue in the face, but this defense deserves discussion. I can't be the only one that wants to talk about our early monster D.

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