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In the small town of Kinsale near Cork, Ireland there lives a nurse who worked in NYC for over 30 years. After 9/11 she created a memorial garden on her land at Ringfinnan, Kinsale, with a tree for each of the firemen who died as well as one for their chaplain Father Michael Judge who was a personal friend of hers.
An old school friend put this commemorative video and music together.

It includes footage from 9/11, so be warned.


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9/11 #neverforget.


I don't remember much of 9/11 because I was only in 2nd grade, and i was pretty oblivious to what was going on back then on that day. All I remember was children were getting picked up. I don't remember if my school (Chesterbrook Elementary School) got out early or not, but when I got home, my parents were the saddest I've ever seen them...and I wasn't sure why. But I know that it was a very sad day for everyone. My heart goes out to anyone who lost family/loved ones.

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yes Henry,  nice to hear from you again....


A contrarian view.


We've paid a huge price. We aren't all here  5,281 of us aren't here....   Greater than that, America isn't here...   The price of American freedom,  principle and culture was eclipsed by Bin Laudin for the cost of 19 coach airline tickets...  What's that $4k.   That was the price American put on American justice,  American culture,  and American ideals...


In response to 9/11 the United States kidnapped and incarcerated tens of thousands,  perhaps as many as hundred thousands of people, 99.999% innocent... all without charges,  without independent review... most for months,  some for more than a decade..   We took, kidnapped children and held them for years mirroring some of the worst abuses of North Korea... ..created a secret gulag system a la Joseph Stalin, to house our tens of thousands of captives intentionally to circumvent US Law, Tortured them... Hell we had a white house attorney who wrote a brief on how to circumvent US Law and like 100 years of legal precedent and legalize Torture and we allowed that guy to become our Attorney General. Despicable, unthinkable. all in reaction to 9/11.  We did things Americans would / should think of as unthinkable.   Things Americans have always thought of as unthinkable.   Things previous generations of Americans found so repugnant they executed the perpetrators of such torturous acts in previous wars when committed against our captives..  

We also invaded Iraq in response to 9/11,  a country which had nothing to do with 9/11..   spent $3 trillion dollars  transitioned ourselves from a republic into a kleptocracy for nearly a decade(maybe still), radicalized Iraq, all in response to the fear generated from that $4k investment on 9/11...   And don't kid yourself we will likely will be going back to Iraq too.   Either that or live with the result of our actions which made the ME worse than it was prior to 9/11.  Ultimately our involvement in Afghanistan after the last 14 years is likely not coming to an end anytime soon either,  as we once hoped..


The America of today, frankly doesn't look remotely like the America of pre 9/11.    The mere fact we celebrate our existence in the shadow of Bin Laudin and his 19 co conspirators is a testament to how scared America has become,  how pliable,  how shallow,  how willing to throw our morals our way of life, our laws aside in exchange for any snake oil salesman willing to promise us a few moments of security.


As for Osama Bin Laudin not being here..  Look around  what is ISIL if not the stronger,  better organized,  more popular, and temporal projection of Osama Bin Laudin's ideas of reconstituting the Caliphate.    After waging war on his ideals for 14 years those ideas are  stronger, more popular, better financed, more capable,  and more blood thirsty than they have ever been before..   And America by the looks of the last 10 years is more fractured,  more distracted,  more self involved,  more removed from our principles and reality on the ground than ever before.

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