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Gruden seems to not know what to do about the jocularity in the locker room after the game. Honestly seems conflicted, disappointed.

Who is the leader on this team? Gruden says it's something they are looking for hoping captains can step up. Leadership qualities are here


Jay Gruden (Tele-conf) made it pretty clear that Griffin is not playing any time soon & sounds like he's not on the radar screen.


Gruden he wants his captain Trent Williams, Adam Hayward and Ryan Clark to police the locker room in terms of guys hating to lose.


Unless RGIII was writing poetry, he was definitely taking game situational notes and mental reps. Don't worry about that nonsense.


Gruden is hoping this is overblown but sounds like he's looking for leaders on this team.#Redskins

One thing I love about Jay Gruden -- He's as honest as u can be for a HC....One thing I worry about is franchise had coddled 2 many players


Redskins hope to build on outing: LANDOVER, Md. – They stopped short of calling it a moral victory. ... http://es.pn/Zceu34  #Redskins


Second thoughts: Redskins-Seahawks: Some second thoughts on the Washington Redskins' 27-17 loss to t... http://es.pn/Zceu35  #Redskins

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#Redskins coach Jay Gruden said he’ll think “long and hard” on how to approach the lighthearted atmosphere in Skins locker room after loss.


One danger is forcing a personality on a team. From a media view, we get less insight when players feel they have to say certain things.


I choose to talk with the HC after every game home & away. Other reporters choose LR. By time I got in, there was no laughing or having fun.


Also interesting that Post article cited Williams and Garcon. Both refused to claim any sort of moral victory, and were bothered by loss.


That said, atmosphere was certainly of a team that was pleased with its performance. Fans seem split over whether they were or not.


Apparently oblivious Gruden says captains like Trent Williams must step up, demand seriousness. Jason Reid ID's TW as one of leading clowns.


As far as locker room stuff: Definitely not a somber place last night. some laughing in shower,etc. can't say players were OK with losing


But it did not come across like it was a team that hated losing, either. did ask T. Williams and Ryan clark about it. clark was OK w/the


atmosphere after the game. did say in PBurgh, it would have been "miserable." felt difference here: team is still building.


Also, because this team can’t produce enough bizarre storylines, Kirk Cousins’ headset went out on the fourth-and-1 from the Seahawks 9.


Gruden said if the headset had been working, he would have considered going for it instead of kicking the field goal.


As clark said, 'everyone handles losing differently." But it's the sense of urgency that sometimes seems missing.


to be clear: the last sentence on the last tweet was my thought...


Is this a big deal? not like it was a lot of players. but it either had vibe of a team that felt it turned a corner or 1 that was content


with not getting blow out at home in prime time.if a corner was somehow turned, MUST be evident on field Sunday. otherwise: more of same

Gruden: "We’re at a point in time where, if we don’t flip the script, we’ll be playing for nothing the rest of the season."

All day I've been wondering how Russell Wilson can keep a play alive, but he can't keep a wife...


from this morning... Seahawks-Redskins:10 observations. sets up a little bit on why gruden was asked about atmosphere http://es.pn/1EoQ3jT 

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  1. My guy @JReidPost with some strong words: "Go ahead and laugh, Redskins. This team is definitely a joke. http://wapo.st/1oNyeRp "

  2. @MikeJonesWaPo @JReidPost @diehardskins21 I will take a hopeful, upbeat, cohesive locker room over a finger pointn, dysfunctional anytime.

Was not my quote, I RT'd to Reid and Jones. 

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#Redskins waived DBs Richard Crawford and Akeem Davis.

Man, just like that Crawford is gone again. And Davis too?

#Redskins signed LB Jackson Jeffcoat to their active roster

The #Redskins waived cornerback Richard Crawford and strong safety Akeem Davis and promoted Jackson Jeffcoat to their active roster.


They also waived tight end Ted Bolser, a rookie seventh-round draft pick out of Indiana, from their practice squad.

Jackson's signing bolsters the #Redskins' depth at OLB. The two practice squad spots could be earmarked for Crawford and Davis.

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I know that Russell Wilson is not the "BEST" player in the NFL, but as 2014 goes. He is the best we have played. O or D side of the ball

Jay Gruden concerned with Perry Riley's knee: Redskins coach Jay Gruden said he’s concerned with lin... http://es.pn/1BOAhL8  #Redskins

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Was my name included? If so it's a lie RT @campbell2708: reports surface that you guys were laughing and carrying on after last night?

QB @Lthomas_3 on preparing for #WASvsAZ: "I gotta go all in." [WATCH] http://bit.ly/lt6_10614  #AZCardinals

#Redskins shuffle roster, waive two, sign one. http://www.csnwashington.com/redskinsblog/redskins-waive-two-players-promote-one … #RedskinsTalk

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Jackson Jeffcoat, added to #Redskins roster today, was the Ted Hendricks award (top DE) winner at Texas. He went undrafted.

Jeffcoat, 2013 B-12 DPOY, joins Brian Orakpo and Keenan Robinson as former Texas LB’s on the roster. Likely think he can help on spec. teams

@Rich_TandlerCSN He's also torn his pec, like the other Texas LB's

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“Tweener” size/speed, injury concerns. RT @J_Villa75: why was he not drafted ??

Paul Conner retweeted

At the end of Week 5, #Redskins have already managed a team tagline that has nothing to do with football.


Paul Conner retweeted

Today if drafting 2012 over, I'd still go RG3, Luck, then Russell Wilson (who went 75th). Still believe RG3 can return to rookie of yr RG3.

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Paul Conner retweeted

Jordan Reed has had a cramp in his thigh for 5 weeks... FIVE WEEKS... Trent Williams drank half a Gatorade and came back in 3 plays.


League source: #Lions expecting to sign ex-Broncos PK Matt Prater over Jay Feely. Detroit kickers have made league-low 33 pct FG


Three amigos #HTTR http://instagram.com/p/t3psktE0bc/ 




No sir I have not. 3 beat us alone last night RT @bambambigganose: @Realrclark25 did you forget the ass whooping eli gave you?


 Paul Conner retweeted

Gruden needs to be careful 1.) Relying on less than reliable media accounts, and 2.) Calling out his veterans like Trent. #Redskins


Paul Conner retweeted

Gruden should know Trent wants to win, with the amount of pain he's in, how he's playing. #Redskins


Redskins Make Roster Moves, Cut Crawford, Davis, and Bolser, Promote Jeffcoat http://sbnation.com/e/6707268 


RedskinPride retweeted

Redskins cut CB Richard Crawford for the 874735857848735834th time


Jay Gruden: 'No reason' for #Redskins players to be upbeat after latest loss. @ZacBoyer: http://wtim.es/1oOts6e 




Redskins shuffle roster, waiving two, adding one. More moves to be made. http://www.csnwashington.com/redskinsblog/redskins-waive-two-players-promote-one … #RedskinsTalk

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Kinda surprised to see them cut Davis, but I guess he's still too raw and maybe Robinson is healthy again. Sad about Crawford but I'mm guessing he's never gonna really play again which is sad because he was so promising. I guess I'm hopeful about Chase though because we haven't heard about him lately which for a corner could be good news.

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#Redskins identity: when team looks in mirror, they see a prince. Everyone else sees a frog. My Times column http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/oct/7/redskins-mired-identity-crisis-even-after-coaching/ 

Help us wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @cbaker92redskins AKA Swaggy! #HTTR

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