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FEEDBACK WANTED: Should ES adopt a boycott (ignore) policy for the WP?



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  1. 1. Should ES boycott WP, PFT, & other agenda driven anti Redskins name media?

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I voted no, but not in disagreement so much as a reflection of my own attitude to police myself and ignore them on my own. I would fully support any and all efforts by fans to not click on any WP links, but it feels like something different to do an institutional boycott.


But, if this does happen, I won't care if I even notice their absence.

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I pretty much go to PFT only to down vote anti-name zealots, and thumbs up all of the supporters from other fan bases (bless their souls). I voted yes b/c I already started my own personal boycott of WapPo years ago when this all started. We've got to get Florio off CSN, BTW - that nearly ruined my week. We have a large fan base, nothing wrong with throwing our weight around when provoked. ;)


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You think the media coverage can get worse Destino? The point (in my mind) is that there's only one thing that's going to lead outlets like the Washington Post to conclude that they should focus elsewhere - and that's if fans say 'enough' and stop supporting their product. I think it's absolutely disgusting that the Post trashes the fans and team that are their very livelihood. Fans ought to start holding them accountable for it.

With that said, good luck guys - I'll move on back to my usual waters. But I hope you join us (and actively work to get other large groups of Redskins fans to say 'enough!'). Cheers.

Don't tempt fate! Things can always get worse. :)

I agree with the general sentiment that the Post is out of line. They are trying to make news instead of reporting it, which is too common in sports media these days. The journalists want to be the stars and think that narratives and the overall spectacle is more important than the sport, its traditions, and competition itself. The problem is, in my opinion, that the Redskins (via Dan Snyder mostly) war on the media hasn't worked out very well. It may even have played a role in having the media so eagerly jumping on this name change story this time around. It has to stop somewhere.

Also, nice to see you around here Tarhog.

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I'd say don't post them to the Breaking News section, but no ban on people posting them in The Stadium. No need for a press release or any big hoopla. If people want to seek them out they know where to look. So not an outright ban just no promoting of their articles in any sort of official way. Sort of like, they are not going to use the name so this site won't use their content and give them clicks.


Looking at the Stadium right now you have to go back 3 pages to find a thread on a PFT or WP article. So they are not getting a ton of run as it is. Though that will probably change as the season starts.

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For those of you who didn't see this,it's the old straw and camel's back thing.  







                                 By Editorial Board August 22

THIS PAGE has for many years urged the local football team to change its name. The term “Redskins,” we wrote in 1992, “is really pretty offensive.” The team owner then, Jack Kent Cooke, disagreed, and the owner now,Daniel M. Snyder, disagrees, too. But the matter seems clearer to us now than ever, and while we wait for the National Football League to catch up with thoughtful opinion and common decency, we have decided that, except when it is essential for clarity or effect, we will no longer use the slur ourselves. That’s the standard we apply to all offensive vocabulary, and the team name unquestionably offends not only many Native Americans but many other Americans, too.

We were impressed this week by the quiet integrity of Mike Carey, who recently retired after 19 seasons as one of the NFL’s most respected referees. As recounted by Post columnist UnWise Mike, Mr. Carey asked the league not to assign him to officiate any Washington games and, since 2006, the league granted his request. He never made any announcement about it. “It just became clear to me that to be in the middle of the field, where something disrespectful is happening, was probably not the best thing for me,” Mr. Carey said.


*click link for more*

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Just lift anything that is relevant and don't include a link so they don't get page views.

It might be petty but I don't enjoy being called a racist. That's what you are to them if you don't support name change, you're a racist.

Or boycott them altogether. I can't remember the last time I ready anything from the Post that was very insightful. It wouldn't bother me one bit.

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I'd like to know what all if the posters who have been critical of the name defenders attitudes think of the posts statement.

You want smug? That's as smug as it gets.

The fact that people actually feel that way (like the post) is absolutely frightening.

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I voted yes as I refuse to have anything to do with the no name post. I even in followed a friend of mine on twitter as his twitter account is them. Here is why:

Last year I was attacked by a reporter that I have nothing to do with.

Here is the tweets. I posted them on my FB page where he could not delete them. I do not follow nor interact with him at all as even before of this I never liked his style of writing. I was just tweeting among friends about the upcoming game before this came through.

@MikeWiseguy: @sonnyandsam @skinshuly It's the Washington pro football team.

My response: @skinshuly: @MikeWiseguy @sonnyandsam you mean the REDSKINS! OH YES I LOVE MY REDSKINS!

He responded: @MikeWiseguy: @skinshuly @sonnyandsam Hail to Christie's Racial Slurs, hail insensitivity...Caucasians on the towpath, fight for inequality. Fight..

I responded: @skinshuly: @MikeWiseguy @sonnyandsam and I am unlike you Cherokee GO REDSKINS!

He never responded!

Since then he has attacked anyone who disagrees with him and has even called 100% NA Redskins fans fake Indians.

Now this! It is only going to get worse. We need to make a stand or keep having them think they can do whatever they want and it is us the fans that will have to take it. They are still taking that paycheck so they don't care.

I honestly hope the Redskins revoke all of their media creds.

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Anyone else hear during the radio broadcast "brought to you by the Washington ****, proud supporters of the Washington Redskins"?

It was Larry Michael and it was not a joke. I mean... wow.

RP (Ridiculous Post) is more like it.


It's hilarious that they're paying the team that they are so offended by a pretty penny for those advertisements.

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