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So who did the Skins cut today?

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So who got cut today to make room for Carlyle? I guess we have to wait until the WP hits the newstands tonight to find out. :rolleyes:

Redskins | Carlyle Expected To Be Signed - from www.KFFL.com

Tue, 28 Oct 2003 07:30:15 -0800

Mark Maske, of the Washington Post, reports the Washington Redskins plan to sign CB Calvin Carlyle, who worked out for the team last week. Upon his signing, a player will have to be released to make room on the roster.

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Originally posted by A Rubella Rich Corps

Once Russell signs is he subject to regular drug testing immediately or can the Skins doctor's use the 2 week exemption period to start flushing out some of the ''stuff'' that's in his system?

A Rubella Rich Corps?????

Man....I just don't know WHAT the hell to make of that one?

Sure is an attention-getter though.

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Russell has been having drug screening test on a regular basis to satisfy the NFL thus having him reinstated, otherwise he would be suspended until next year.

By having the NFL letting him play again 3 months ahead of what his original reinstatement date, speaks good about Russell's commitment of staying clean and focused.

Let's hope he stays that way the rest of his career.

Otherwise give him Lithium......... :40oz:

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Originally posted by tommy-the-greek

Has to be HBC:laugh:

I keep wondering if we had signed Gardener and added Russell just how good our 'D" line would be.

Think about this:

If/when we sign Russell and he becomes effective, he will draw double teams almost everydown.

Since this attention will be paid to him, others on the D-line will have the opportunity to make plays. Wynn, Upshaw, Smith, etc. will have less attention to them.

IMO, one of the reasons Tampa's d-line is so strong is from Sapp; he draws a lot of attention, and that frees up other linemen to make plays.

Just a thought.

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He may not play up to his potential until next year, but I think he could still have some impact this year, in the may Freak talked about. We have some talent on the d-line, but except for Bruce, none of them are true pass rushers. That's why they need someone to draw double teams and I think D Russ will be able to do that by the end of the season when he gets in to game shape.

In the meantime, let's hope he can get some pressure in one on one situations on talent alone.

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