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Browns Pre-Season Game:Mods, I goofed. Please merge or close. Sorry!


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So I was thinking about the Browns pre-season game, and what I really wanted to see from the 'Skins, and then what I think I'm going to see.  And I thought it might be interesting to see what others thought, so here goes.  If this thread seems to have some life to it, we can do it again for the Ravens game.  If it flops, then, well, it will die a silent death.


But here goes:


What I want to see:



  • I want to see the first unit run some hurry-up, get to the line and go.  Let Robert practice it in pre-season a little bit if they are going to use it in the regular season.
  • I want to see a lot of spread formations, where Robert can get the ball out quick to a variety of receivers. 
  • I want to see Robert crisp in his reads, getting the ball out in 2.5 seconds or less. I don't care if it's a check-down, or a bomb.  I just want to see him go through the reads quickly and get the ball out accurately. 
  • I want to see at least 2 Read Option plays.  Yes.  I want them to show it in pre-season. Because if you show it, then other teams have to prepare for it, and I want the Texans to have to prepare for it. (And then, against the Texans, I kinda don't want them to run it. :) )
  • I want to see A. Robinson get opportunities with the starters, and I want to see him run short and intermediate routes, and catch a number of balls.
  • I want one of the running backs to lay somebody out on a blitz pickup.


  • I want to see a disruptive defense, bringing a lot of pressure. 
  • I want to see Amerson matched up on the #1 receiver (Gordon I think) as much as possible.  He might not always have to, but this is pre-season, and I'd like to see how he's doing.  
  • I really want Rak and Kerrigan to sandwich Manziel if they're in when he's in. Welcome to the NFL Rook.  
  • I want to see Murphy show some improvement in converge.  He looked a little lost out there last week (which is understandable.
  • I want to see less than 5 missed tackles for the game. 



  • I want to see 75% of the kickoffs as touchbacks.
  • I want to see serious effort on coverage and return units and I want to see the Browns have to fair catch most punts. 
  • I want one big return.
  • I really want to see Kai do well, because I really don't want to lose my favorite nickname on the team.


That said, here's what I think we're going to see:



  • I love Griffin (see my avatar) and think he's going to have an unbelievable year, and end up in the pro-bowl. But I don't think it will start Monday night. I think he's going to press a little, and some bad habits are going to appear.  I think he's going to want to prove something to the opposing OC, and that's going to get in his head a bit.  
  • I think protection is going to be an issue.  The browns blitz a lot, and I think that the 'Skins offensive unit, from OL to backs, are going to struggle.
  • I think the running game will be fine. 
  • I think Chester is going to get knocked on his tucus, and we're going to hear a lot of cries for somebody else at RT.



  • I don't know why, but I think they're going to be passive, and I think that Hoyer is going to pick them apart.  (This is going to lead to a bump of the "Haslett, is it time for him to show something" thread, and probably the Orakpo overrated thread.)
  • I think the secondary will actually be ok, even though the front 7 is going to be passive.
  • Manziel will get at least 1, if not a few more good chunk-run plays.  (I just hope he gets crunched at the end.)
  • They will get 1 turnover from Manziel.  I think Haslett knows enough about the offense, and Manziel is a rookie, so I think they'll be in position to make a play or two. 



  • I think they're going to be the most improved unit from last week.
  • I think Kai is going to have a bounce-back game.


Ultimately, win or lose doesn't matter.  But I would like to see the team play well. 

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I'm interested to see how the OL and DL perform in this game.  The Browns front 7 is pretty good and I think they're going to bring it more then NE did.  Detroit's DL didn't touch Hoyer in the Browns first game and the ran the ball well.  Will be a good test for the 1st teams.  


Will be interesting late in this game if they put Grossman in and try to throw points up on the board on Haz.  Gotta think Kyle's a little peeved at some of things said about his pops handcuffing Haz and the defense.  I doubt those two will be exchanging X-mas cards.  

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