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RG III "Gets" Autographs from Cancer Survivors.


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I have been rather critical of RG3 for some of his chatter and antics, and I do not back down from those stances one bit. He annoys me to a certain extent. However, whenever someone does something nice for someone else, I see no room or reason to be cynical about it. This seems like a very nice gesture to me and props to RG3 for taking the time to do it. He likely made their day and possibly gave them something they will remember forever. No reason at all to be critical of it. Not one bit.

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I thought this was really cool, too.


The most valuable thing someone can give you is there time, and Griffin spends a lot of his time doing stuff like this.


Exactly. Robert is a good man and he does a lot of really good things that we see and hear about, but also a lot of good things that we don't hear about. I get annoyed when I hear people criticize him every time he does something like this, challenging them as PR stunts. Robert is not the kind of guy that needs someone to encourage him to do something nice or give back, and he does not only do it when the cameras are on like a lot of athletes.


People criticize him, yet they have probably never even thought about giving back. There are things to criticize him for, but this is not one of them.  

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