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Page one recap by the numbers. Whining by me.


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1) "I hate Danny threads", not bad, down from 33 over the past week.

2) "Caption this" threads. One can always count on the lay persons attempt to be funny everyday.:stop:

3) "I have no idea by the subject" threads, a pot luck so to speak.:wtf:

4) "Danny w., says NO" threads, quoting the same freakin article.

5) "D. Russell released" threads. Thanks, I would have never really got that reading it for the first four times.

6) "D Russell sign him or dont" threads. Some of these are merged with number 5.

7) Spurrier related threads. This is not a bad thing unless they were all threads questioning his competence and relationship with Snyder...oh wait.:doh:

I think I'll stop right here. Yes I know, I'm whining, if you ask my wife that's what I do best.

Anyway, I'm just joking around here. Gotta get my post total up to 1000 so I can get a new avatar :rolleyes:.

My Redskin politics in one sentence:

Go skins, Go snyder, Go Spurrier, Screw the Cowboys.

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